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8 Things You’ll Discover When First Moving to the UK main image
17 Mar 2017
Are you getting to set to move to the UK to study abroad? Read about the surprising things you’ll discover after arriving. 
5 Reasons to Study in London main image
17 Feb 2017
Not sure where to spend your student years? Get ready to get sold on the UK capital, with these five compelling reasons to study in London.
5 Things the Prospectus Won’t Tell You About Oxford main image
23 Dec 2016
Dreaming of studying at the University of Oxford? Here are five things the prospectus WON’T tell you.
10 Things to do in London at Christmas main image
16 Dec 2016
Looking for things to do in London at Christmastime? Discover affordable activities to fill you with festive cheer…
Top 10 Beautiful Historic Universities in the UK main image
14 Dec 2016
Dream of studying in a stunning and history-imbued setting? Take a look at these 10 beautiful and historic universities in the UK.
7 Reasons to Work in London After University main image
14 Oct 2016
Not sure where to start your career? Here are 7 reasons to seek work in London after graduation.
Student Discounts in the UK main image
10 Oct 2016
Are you a penniless UK student? Check out all the student deals and discounts available from retailers and stores in the UK.