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Top 5 Jobs for Students in the UK

By Guest Writer

Updated March 6, 2016 Updated March 6, 2016

Guest post: Laura Durechova

Student life in the UK is often pricey and many students need to rely on a part-time job to fund their time at university. This can also be an opportunity to meet new people, gain valuable experience and acquire skills that will help when you start applying for full-time graduate jobs. Here are some of the top jobs for students in the UK.

Catering jobs for students

One of the most popular providers of jobs for students in the UK is the catering sector. Catering organizations often hire people with little to no experience (in fact, the less experience the better – there’s no bad habits to break) and give you all the training you need. Catering jobs are often very flexible, and can be a great way to get into big events for free – you could be bar tending at a festival or catering a celebrity’s birthday party all whilst getting paid and updating your CV!

Jobs within the university

Working on campus is a great way to make money and fit in work around your studies. As you’ll be working alongside other students from your university, you’ll find it’s usually very easy to swap shifts when you’ve got a lot on, as you’ll all be ready to help each other out in turn. Depending on what your university offers, you can usually find student jobs to work in campus shops, cafés, bars, gyms and libraries.

Student jobs in clubs and pubs

Nightlife is a big part of the university experience in the UK, and clubs and pubs are always on the lookout for part-time staff members. Whether it’s working as bar staff, leafletting for events or even promoting club nights by adding names to an exclusive guest list, there’s something for everyone. There are tons of benefits to this sort of work – whilst getting paid, you’ll also get free entry to venues and even discounts on drinks. An ideal student job if you love being out at night!

Jobs for students in attractions

Have you ever wanted to work at a theme park? In an art gallery? At the London Eye? Many students in the UK – especially those based in London – work in ticket sales, shops or restaurants on site at major attractions. Often, a selection of attractions are run by the same major company, which means you could get some appealing additional benefits – such as free entry, queue jump privileges and invitations to after-hours sessions. Attractions are often in the center of the action, so you’ll get a real experience of what it’s like to work in a colorful, bustling UK city.

Student brand manager jobs

This is another campus-based student job, but you can also do it online in your free time. Being a “student brand manager” or “ambassador” means you’ll be a representative of a popular brand and promote the benefits it has for students. It’s all down to you. You can put as much or as little effort in as you want, with earnings to correspond; the normal method of payment is on commission depending on how many signups you get. Like all the other student jobs listed here, this is another role that often comes with benefits – you’ll be able to make use of the product you’re promoting, and the job title is a great asset to your CV.

Laura Durechova

 Laura Durechova is a second-year history and American studies student at the University of Sussex, and an online content journalist for Graduate Recruitment Bureau. Next year, Laura’s doing a year abroad at the University of Texas, Austin. You can follow her travels on Instagram here.

This article was originally published in April 2015 . It was last updated in March 2016

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