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Top 7 Cheap Snacks for Students in Latin America

Top 7 Cheap Snacks for Students in Latin America main image

Because food is great, and because the QS University Rankings: Latin America 2016 has just been released, we thought we’d get you salivating with these top seven cheap snacks to enjoy if you study in Latin America…

1. Croquetas

These delicious little breadcrumbed morsels of fried food, typically cheese, shellfish or creamy ground meat, are very popular in Latin American countries and can be ordered at most restaurants, street stalls and bakeries.

2. Baleada

What’s not to love about baleadas? Nothing. Because they’re perfect. First comes the tortilla – thick, voluptuous; then the refried beans: creamy, aromatic, sweet, spicy. Next comes the luscious avocado, the sweet plantain and the sour cream. Add whatever you like: baleadas are your friends; make them your own. Now, fold in half and rejoice.

3. Chilaquiles

Cut a corn tortilla into little squares and toss it in a pan with fresh salsa. Top with an egg, meat and cheese – of course. Take a minute to feel humbled by the simple perfection of this lovely dish, and then shove it into your face-hole.

4. Pão de Queijo

These cute little cheese buns are popular cheap snacks and breakfast food in Brazil – and it’s not hard to see why… Crispy on the outside, these darlings are also soft, chewy, cheesy and buttery inside.

 5. Shucos

These Guatemalan hotdogs are made with light and airy shuco bread, sausages, and perfected with avocado, cabbage, peppers, chimichurri sauce, chirmol (a type of salsa) and mayonnaise for that extra kick! One taste of shuco, and never again will you be content with a simple hotdog. Be warned.

6. Tamales

Masa, a starchy corn-based dough, wrapped up in banana leaf, tamales can also be filled with meats, cheese, fruit and chilies. Recreate this delightful dish at home with this rather intimidating recipe, or simply move to Latin America.   

7. Ceviche

An intensely spicy, refreshing dish, ceviche is essentially raw fish or seafood cooked in citrus juices and teamed up with tomato, chiles, green olives, avocado and a dash of orange juice.

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