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University Architecture that Belongs in Sci-Fi

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Happy New Year and all that! In the spirit of looking to the future and so on, here’s my round-up of university architecture that looks like they belong in a science fiction plot. (I know, right – I can’t believe we’ve never covered this hugely important issue before.)

1. Visitor Center at University of Texas at Dallas, US
They’ve landed

2. South Campus Chiller Plant at University of Chicago, US
The name of this even SOUNDS like something out of sci fi. What are they doing in there? Preserving humans in giant freezers for a morally dubious purpose? Probably.

3. Atlas Building at the University of Wageningen, Netherlands
Something of a haunting prison aspect, no? Especially if you imagine it’s in the middle of a lonely wasteland, miles away from civilization (it’s probably not).

4. School of Art, Design and Media at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
OK, so they’ve tried to disguise it with a bit of grass, but you can’t fool me – this is definitely some kind of alien HQ…

5. Zayed University, Abu Dhabi

Another spaceship! They’re everywhere!

6. Geisel Library at University of California, San Diego, US

This one’s actually been featured in several sci-fi plots, including the film Killer Tomatoes Fight Back and novel Rainbows End.

7. Prayer Tower at Oral Roberts University, US
For some reason this reminds me of The Jetsons – anyone else remember that?

Have you spotted any university architecture that looks like it belongs in the midst of a dystopian tale of advanced technology gone slightly wrong? Do let me know, it’s apparently my new obsession!

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