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We Need Bloggers!

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Laura Bridgestock

Updated Dec 29, 2023



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Calling all budding student writers out there: TopUniversities.com wants you!

We’re looking for new regular contributors to our blog, which is all about student life around the world. If you’re interested in writing, this could be a great opportunity to share your student experience with a large, international audience. This is a great experience for student writers and an opportunity to challenge yourself and to develop your own writing voice. (It should also be pretty fun!)

Who are we looking for?

  • Pre-university students, at the stage of applying to university
  • Undergraduate students (bachelor’s level)
  • Postgraduate students (master’s and PhD level)
  • Anyone who is studying abroad (as well as those studying in their own country)

Possible blog topics:

  • Insights on studying in a particular city/country
  • Your overall experience of studying abroad
  • Career preparation/ work experience
  • Tips for exams/revision, student jobs, budgeting, interviews, scholarships, social life, study snacks...

Why blog for us?

  • Gain experience of writing for a large international audience
  • Your own blogger profile page, with option to link to your own website
  • A chance to share your experiences, connect with peers and help others

Interested? Next steps:

  • Send an email to [email protected] with the following subject line: ‘Blog for TU’
  • Include a short summary of your background (age, educational level, location)
  • Provide a reason as to why you’d like to blog for us and what you’d like to write about
  • Include a short sample blog post, between 400 and 600 words long

About the TopUniversities.com blog

We are focused on helping students to make well-informed choices, from choosing a university or study location, all the way through to preparing for future careers. Blog posts should be fun, engaging and interesting and should be based on the bloggers’ own personal experiences or areas of interest, reflecting the diversity of the TopUniversities.com community.

We’re really looking forward to hearing from students all around the world, across a range of different subject areas. So wherever you’re from, wherever you’re studying and whatever your interests, please get in touch.

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