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Why Finishing Exams After Everyone Else Is The Absolute Worst

Why Finishing Exams After Everyone Else Is The Absolute Worst main image

May is nearly over, the sun is shining and, if you're in the UK, you have a three-day weekend coming up. Doesn't it feel good to be alive right now?

Oh wait, you're still revising? Exams haven't finished yet? Man, that's tough.

There's nothing worse than being one of the few people still stuck inside thumbing through textbooks while all of your friends enjoy the weather and head to the beach. Right, Katie?

Of course, it's even worse when the weather is this good

It's enough to make you start wishing you were on holiday

Especially if everyone else has gone on holiday without you

It could be worse, some people haven't even started their exams yet

Maybe if you pretend exams aren't happening, they'll go away?

Even when the last exam is finally done, there's no guarantee things will get better

But don't worry. Soon...this will be you

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Written by Craig OCallaghan
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