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Enomfon J
6 years ago
Can you answer this question?

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I am Hendrina from Namibia, I hold a banchelor Degree in accounting, i want to to My master at any International university that offer free tuition fee since i can not afford to pay for myself. Thank you

Hi Hendrina, masters degrees in Germany aren't usually free unfortunately but you could look for a scholarship to help with your costs. You could also find out about other affordable study destinations here. Hope this helps. 

hello i am Pawan from India, i want to study German language in Germany, how can i get admission in german university and am i eligible to study in Germany to study german language

Hello Sabrina,i am looking for Universities offering Ms in Digital Marketing.For Indian Universities you can go through

Hi am Bright from Ghana...am holding HND certificate... How possible is it to get an addmition into university for degree or a top up in Germany

Hi Bright, you should have a good chance of gaining admission - you can find out more about studying in Germany with our complete guide

i am Emmanuel from Cameroon. Am a current student at the university of Buea , studying microbiology and parasitology but I will love to enroll into an undergraduate program at the canadian university ottawa to start back from the beginning with microbiology but dont know to go along, also my mum wont be able to afford for all the cost of living , so will love if you can help direct me on any scholarships and how to go about the application

Hi Emmanuel, please take a look at our list of scholarships to study in Canada. Our complete guide on how to study abroad in Canada can guide you on the application process, but you can find specific details on how to apply on the University of Ottawa's official website. Hope this helps.