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Anan L
3 years ago
Can you answer this question?

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Hi I wish to  immigrate .iam general medical practitioner.iwould like to join college study in health sector as pathway to get job and immigrate .can I bring my family with me ?are my kids eligible for school admission? Thank too much

Hi Hosny, you can bring your family members with you when you study in Canada, and will need to prove you have adequate funds to support yourself and your family members. If you have a study permit, your children can enter Canada and go to school there without study permits for themselves - you'll need to provide your children's passports. You can find out more on the Government of Canada's website. Hope this helps!

hi sabrina , i want to study food technology (MS) , which country would be cheapest and with full scholarship programme ? and also which universities are good for this subject ?
thank you

Anan can you please share your contact details. I have to ask too many things if you can help me.  I will be thankful to you. 

Hi Hasan, did you get any info so that you can guide me as well pls

Hi I live in Uk but always thinking about move to Canada.
What college you apply ? I'm interested Montreal or Toronto.How to check prices ?
Any1 help me ???

Hi Anan thanks for sharing your experience , I am planing to do a masters course and i have few questions , is there any way I can contact you apart from this forum. 

What are the requirements for college? I am from Italy and i'm in 11th grade,here it's like( 3 superiore) Because here in italy we have 5 years of elementary school,8 years of secondary school and then university. So my final question is what are the requirements for college in canada? I am from Italy take that in mind. Thank you very much