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Anan L
3 years ago
Can you answer this question?

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Hi Anan thanks for sharing your experience , I am planing to do a masters course and i have few questions , is there any way I can contact you apart from this forum. 

What are the requirements for college? I am from Italy and i'm in 11th grade,here it's like( 3 superiore) Because here in italy we have 5 years of elementary school,8 years of secondary school and then university. So my final question is what are the requirements for college in canada? I am from Italy take that in mind. Thank you very much

Hi I am Yonas from Eritrea I need to study in Canada I don't know how to get a scholarship I have a brother in Canada Toronto so I have places to stay I need you to help me how do I get this


Thanks for your sincere contribution.
I would like to ask about the program you applied for in the college. Was it DEC or DEP? Because DEC programs are not less than 3 years which doesn't make that much of a difference with university. I am 18 years old and due to high prices for an international students getting a residency would be great. Do you recommend me to participate in these programs or should I continue my studies?
I am looking forward to your reply.

Best Regards

Yellow I am from Pakistan. I have MBA finance degree what should I next chose "".? Also IELTS is must?