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4 reasons to choose a hospitality and tourism degree in Taiwan

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Craig OCallaghan

Updated Oct 16, 2023



NKUHT hospitality and tourism students

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Soft skills such as resilience and teamwork are vital in the modern workplace and there’s no better way to develop these skills within yourself than pursuing a study abroad opportunity.

Studying abroad ensures you combine a high-class educational experience with immersion in an exciting new culture, working closely with other students from around the world. It’s even more impactful if you’ve chosen to study a degree that places great emphasis on soft skills and personal development, such as a hospitality and tourism degree.

If you’re looking to study a hospitality and tourism degree abroad, the National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism (NKUHT) is a truly unique institution, the only national university in Taiwan that specialises in hospitality and tourism. In the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2023, NKUHT was ranked 38th in the world for hospitality & leisure management.

Find out more about why you should choose to study a hospitality and tourism degree in Taiwan:

Tourism plays a key role in Taiwan's economy

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If you’re looking to study hospitality and tourism, it makes sense to choose a study destination where tourism is a key priority of the local economy. 

Many Asian study destinations rely significantly on international tourism, so graduates from Asian hospitality schools will have plentiful career opportunities awaiting them. In Taiwan, where NKUHT is located, the World Travel & Tourism Council estimates the tourism sector provides employment to over 1m people, almost six percent of the total workforce.

NKUHT students also benefit from the school’s close connections. As part of their degree, NKUHT students have the opportunity to complete an internship, with international internships covering 17 countries across four continents, including Singapore where tourism has helped drive foreign investment into hotels and local infrastructure.  

This exposure ensures they have an early advantage in starting their professional careers after graduation, with many students continuing to work for the same employer in Taiwan or abroad where they completed their internship.

Hospitality and tourism degrees provide fantastic opportunities for practical learning

NKUHT students

Internships aren’t the only way to benefit from experiential learning during a hospitality and tourism degree. In fact, given the importance of learning within a real-world context, the best hospitality and tourism schools will go above and beyond to provide practical learning opportunities for their students. 

At NKUHT, they’ve gone as far as moving authentic Boeing 747-400 aircraft mockups onto campus – allowing students to benefit from the experience of learning within a practical, functioning environment. There’s also a training hotel on campus, where students gain practical experience in all aspects of hotel operations.

You’ll be taught a vast range of widely transferable skills

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Studying at NKUHT provides you with the opportunity to develop skills across a broad range of modules, covering everything from hotel management to baking technology. But underlying each of these hospitality and tourism skills are the core fundamentals required to work in practically any industry: communication, collaboration, leadership, entrepreneurship and much more.

NKUHT provides varied educational programmes across different study levels, including associate's, bachelor's, master's and PhD degrees, and each of these programmes has a focus on these broadly transferable skills. Throughout each degree programme, the school aims to fulfil its motto: "Humanity, Professionalism, Entrepreneurship, Globalisation".

You can still study in English, while getting the benefits of experiencing another culture

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Even though you’re studying abroad, we understand the importance of being able to still learn in English. Fortunately, studying a hospitality and tourism degree in Asia can provide the best of both worlds, with many top schools providing English-taught programmes. 

NKUHT’s English-taught degrees attract a wide range of international students and ensure you can learn in a language you’re comfortable with, while also still getting to experience local Taiwanese culture outside of the classroom. This truly international exposure, combining a diverse classroom of students from around the world with a vibrant local culture, is the perfect foundation for a global career in hospitality or tourism.