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naznin l
1 year ago
Can you answer this question?

22 Answers

I haven't yet, but I am planing to. 

The GOI-IES scholarship call 2018 document mentioned that 'Unsuccessful applicants will receive feedback on their application'. Did any of you receive any feedback?   

None that i'm aware of


I just wonder... If all of us are unsuccessful and we literally know only two people who were awarded... Where are the rest of the awards?

I agree with you. I found the whole lack of transparency of the process suspicious. It took them ages to give us the final answer, some universities knew which of their students has been awarded, while others did not, we are unable to find eho the awardees are, the waiting list led us nowhere... the whole thing was messy and honestly damaging to the image we, foreign students, have of HEA and how Ireland sees education in general.
One of the universities to which I have applied encouraged me to try again next year, but I do not know if I would survive all this stress again to get possibly the same results. It was all very frustrating - not only being declined, but specially their silence.

so no one from the waiting list was awarded... why a waiting list then?

Exactly, why give us hope only to crush it later on?
I was even thinking we might be considered for only tuition waiver without stipend but we got nothing. For us to be on the waiting list, it means we got at least the threshold mark of 60 and above and they clearly stated that those who get 60 and above are those that will get funding. Everything is all jumbled up.

I *still* haven't received a single email back from them.... I emailed them in mid-June to ask if they had even accepted my application (one of my references sent her letter in separately, and I think it was like 10 minutes late..) and no response. I emailed them to ask if I was on a waitlist or unsuccessful a few days ago when I saw that you had all gotten that email, still no response. I don't even know if my application is in the pool, let alone if I am on a waitlist or anything.

I just called the HEA and was informed that Aileen is overwhelmed with the amount of emails requesting for feedback and might take a while to answer back. However she will do so.

she told me that it's likely that she wouldn't be able to answer before Sept