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Rameez R
3 years ago
Can you answer this question?

4 Answers

There are few universities you can see .ucl.ac.uk/  here you find a list.I think you can contact them

Hi Rameez ,Are you still looking out for admissions??

Should I study in a small town instead of city to keep costs down?

I grew up in a huge city and have always lived in a city. I prefer to study in a city but
I saw this video about studying in a small town versus a city (i.e. London) to save money. Is the sacrifice worth it?
Or is the difference in cost outweighed by fewer opportunities (i.e. part time jobs) in a small town?

Hello Rameez. UCAS should be your starting point for your application: https://www.ucas.com/ . Check also the British Council of your city as they offer a range of seminars and workshops for people who want to study in the UK. I know in Athens they do as I have been attending one of those before. For the rest I cannot tell you that much as I did not make it at last to study in the UK. Hope that helps!