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Rami H
2 years ago
Can you answer this question?

3 Answers

Insightful and thought-provoking feedback. I have been very happy with my experience at GCU and I am looking forward to completing my doctoral degree over the next year. There have been challenging times but the school has more than met my expectations.

I'm based in Germany and never heard of. I guess it's a regionally prestigious university which produces a stark employability and further career prospects. Naturally only 1% of the universities worldwide and some non-university communities like the Max Planck Society can perform global top-notch research. For example not every university has a super-computer or a diversity of excellent faculties. The best universities by certain research metrics are not necessarily those best for students, especially not at the bachelor and master level. Furthermore global rankings measure (parts of) the past and have rarely even a clue about what's really going on on the national and let alone more regional level. Be interested but calm down about it. :-)


how are you?

Hi Steffen,

Your discussion is relevant to my survey, which I would greatly appreciate it if you can please fill it in for me. The purpose of it is to identify how students make an informed decision when choosing a course to study and how they search for course and the obstacles faced during the process.


Thank you for your time.

Hi Anas, please could you email [email protected] with details of this query. Thanks!