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enquiry about M.A. in International Relations

Hi, I am a recent music undergraduate student interested to pursue a Masters in International Relations. My choice to change careers is a deliberate one mainly to prevent myself from suffering creative stagnation. After serious thought, I made a list of my skills and assets that made it easier for me to make my decision. However, I cannot deny feeling like a fish out of water despite all the reasons knowing that this move will serve me well.

My main interest lies in management and communications within universities and NGOs. To narrow it further I find that these areas bring about the highest interaction of cross and intercultural collaborations. This has been my passion, which is why I chose music. It brings people of varied tastes, cultures and thinking together. Someday as strange as it may sound, I'd like to merge this two very diverse fields. I know it to be possible.

I'd like to invite people in this group to assist me with advice, suggestions and criticism if any. The more information I have the better it will be for me in the long run. I am aware of pending obstacles, reality checks etc., which is an occupational hazard regardless of which career pathway one chooses. I am fully aware of the implications and am focused on building my better tomorrow. I am almost ready with my choice of universities to apply to and am working on my scholarships. I am looking to pursue a 2-year course where the universities I've chosen allow me to pursue this course in two separate countries along with internships. This much I am sure of. My S.O.P. will be completed in the next week and everything else is on track.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post and for your replies. I understand that brevity is king so please accept my apologies in advance if the above sounded repetitive and poorly structured. I look forward to any assistance you can offer. Thank you.