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PPostgraduate certificate/diploma OR one-year masters program in education

I'm interested in returning to school to complete a second Masters to solidify the knowledge I've gained through my work. For the past five years I've worked in a large INGO developing and piloting non-formal education programs for disadvantaged and marginalized youth who live in low to middle income countries.
My academic background is not in education. I've got a background in business and social science/international development. I'd really love to take some time to 'sharpen my tools' so that I'm better able to design and deliver education programs.
I'm overwhelmed with the number of master programs out there and I've yet to find one that feels like the right fit for what I'm looking for.
I'm less interested in high level/policy related courses. I'm also less interested in programs specifically for teachers or that feature a thesis component.
Topics that have piqued my interest include:
- education theory and philosophy
- designing learning experiences by creating / non formal education / and experiential education / service learning /nature based learning
- cognitive neuroscience and education.
- applying cognitive science to learning and teaching.
- emotion in development and learning.
- adolescent/ youth/ adult development.
- educational psychology.
Id be very grateful for any advice or recommendations people are willing to offer

Please note, I am limited by finances (I work in development, as I mentioned) so I wont be able to study in the US and other countries which have high program fees.