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Gowtham S
4 years ago
Can you answer this question?

2 Answers

There are a lot of educational Biotechnology options in all over Germany, from vocational education to bachelor, master, PhD and higher level.

For advanced students and researchers the highest level of basic research in Bioinformatics and Systems Biology in Germany is located in the Max Planck Society, this is a research organization similar to Helmholtz-, Leibniz- and Fraunhofer society, but with a focus on basic fundamental research.

These Research Organization which play a major role in Germany cooperate with German and other Universities. The cooperation is outstandingly intensive in the city of Dresden, where 3 growing Max Planck institutes are located together with 12 Fraunhofer institutes, one Helmholtz center and two Leibniz institutes.

Besides TU Dresden also Harvard University is cooperating with the Bioengineering in Dresden. You can bet it's not shabby there. The same is true for nano-electronics, automotive mechanical engineering and other polymers materials research. I might be biased but it's really a hotspot in some aspects of European research resulting in Europes biggest cluster of microelectronics.


The RWTH Aachen offers that course and this university has a very good reputation.