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Indrasish B
5 years ago
Can you answer this question?

46 Answers

Germany is a great place for you to start your career in medicine. They need a lot of health care professionals there right now tbh. But first you need to know their language, among other things!

The understudy is Constantly dynamic: and is a dedicated Leader in something like at least one school or network exercises, appreciates athletic occasions and perhaps has low maintenance work (Junior year). You would be Exhausted in endeavoring to discover time to converse with this understudy and the understudy will go about as though their routine is ordinary, for what it's worth.

I totally agree with you.

Why Germany tho? 

One of the greatest things here is that you can study for free. As for medical schools, I can reassure you that German universities are not the best. 
My best advice is to look up universities in Finland or Austria as they are better known for medical schools. 

Better and I think much cheaper!

Medicine is the one subject on German universities, were the required Numerus Clausus (average mark of the Abitur, the high school diploma) is nearly unbeatable - for this year between 1,0 and 1,4, depending on the state you made your abitur and if you would like to start in summer or winter. This means, all your marks have to be (nearly) the best possible.

So most people have to wait for the acceptance after they are applying, spending sometimes several years as paramedic or nursing auxiliary.

Another possibility is to start studying in a foreign country and then come back to Germany; which courses and practice will be taken into account, is depending on the university.

Hi well i'm a lebanese student i finished first year biology in the lebanese university and i want to apply for medicine universities in germany so i wanna ask if i can apply from lebanon with a B1 language test then continue B2, C1 and C2 in germany or i must acquire B2 from lebanon and i want to ask about the mechanism of applying like what do i need to apply and how to apply i want you please to help me from the beginning

My best advice is to look up universities in Finland or Austria as they are better known for medical schools.

Hi Ahmad, you can read detailed advice on how to apply to study medicine in Germany here. Among the entry requirements are a strong knowledge of both English and German. Hope this helps.

Hello Sabrina, i want to get free admission in LL.M in Germany.please guide to me.i am waiting your reply.