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Rajaneesh k
3 years ago
Can you answer this question?

5 Answers

Hello, here's a link to our article on how to apply for a PhD in Germany - hope it's helpful!

I have the same question . can anyone answer it?

I am also going through the same situation and unable to find any related course for phd. 

hey, i m looking for a PhD (any field of music), but i tell you that, we don't have any master degree regarding to music, can you tell me, we could sign up for a music program or not ? and tell me the good colleges of music but i need low cost of expenses, no to high, no to low, only middle, so do you knew any good institute having a low cost of budget ?

and one more thing i want to ask, what is the difference b/w doctor of philosophy and doctor degree (D.M.A doctor of music arts ).

and Phd on a basis of research or give some guidance and give more styles of techniques ?