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Wagner B
6 years ago
Can you answer this question?

1 Answers

Hello sir,
i am from Bangladesh. I am pursuing my diploma engineering in power engineering from Bangladesh. Passing out in February 2016, I am a good student and have achieved the highest marks in the previous board exam. I want to enter undergraduate course in Japan. I want to apply for scholarship. Can I apply for scholarship? I am twenty-two years old. I am prepared in English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Germanyse. So I am in need of a scholarship abroad where I would be able to fulfill my dream. If I have no option to apply scholarship can I apply for under graduation in Germany? Please help me.
Yours faithfully,

Hi Arafat! We have a list of scholarships available to study in Asia, which contains links to scholarships available to study in Japan. However, if you'd like to study in Germany and find out more, we have a general guide. Hope this helps!