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Maria Ismaela M
2 years ago
Can you answer this question?

1 Answers

Hi Maria Ismaela,
Yes, I'm about to graduate as an international student from the ALM program at HES (although my area of concentration is Finance).
From what I read it seems like you are a perfect match for the program - eager to continue your educational journey at a place filled with amazing staff, great student peers and fantastic resources offering rich of opportunities to grow in your academic field and personally.
Like with any journey, probably the hardest part is to make the first step. I struggled for about two years whether I want to jump into this crazy spinning wheel being a part-time student at Harvard dealing with rigorous coursework while having a demanding, full-time job and a family. Although its tremendously challenging to juggle the different priorities, I'm glad I made the step!
Let me suggest you look into the program requirements (btw a certificate program might be worth considering as well if you already hold a masters degree from LSE) to check out your first course and simply register. You can reach out to the staff at HES anytime and I'm sure they are happy to help you with any questions you might have. Feel also free to reach out to me just in case: [email protected]
All the best for you and your family,