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Ehab F
2 years ago
Can you answer this question?

1 Answers

Hi Ehab, the letter needs to be written by your uncle rather than yourself. Other than that, I think you should be able to gain a Canadian study permit - you can read more about the requirements here. Hope this helps!

Hi Sabrina, thank you for the response and your assistance. One more thing I need to clarify, in the acceptance letter, the university has given an approximate requirement of funds i.e. $25000 (this is an approximate for my other expenses) so would my permit be based on these requirements, or the fact that I should have $8000 which is tuition and $10,000 which is the general requirement from the embassy? Thank you once again.

Hi Ehab, it sounds like the university's approximate requirement of funds is just an advisory amount based on the living costs of that particular area - your study permit will be based on the amount required by the government of Canada (tuition plus CA$10,000 or CA$11,000 if you're studying in Quebec). In other words, it's recommended (but not essential for your study permit) to have the amount stated by your university.