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Vincent C
1 year ago
Can you answer this question?

2 Answers

Hello Vincent
One of the best ways to get ANY scholarship is to have an incredible application that makes you a must have candidate for any school. Another thing to keep in mind is be VERY cautious of the scholarship deadlines and to make sure you put as much attention to scholarship essays as you did with your main application materials. Finally, scour not only the financial aid website of your school of choice, which should list commonly applied to scholarships, but also private i.e. Coca Cola Scholar Foundation scholarships that are generally available that will apply to you such as race, gender, geographic location, future ambitions.

Hi Vincent, I'm not aware of particular scholarships with the requirements you listed, but the following links can help:

You do not need to take the TOEFL, as English is your first language, but you could always double check this with the institution/s you're interested in.

Hope this is helpful, and thanks for your great feedback on our site. :)