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How would YOU consider ranking universities differently?

I really appreciate the QS Rankings system, so this isn't a means to knock their methodology or anything. But sometimes I think the ranking of universities would be interesting along other types of criteria. Maybe I'm admittedly a bit of a hippie, but there are things I look for in a university such as how socially progressive they are, their adoption of environmentally responsible practices, how controversial and independent they allow their professors to be.

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Hi Lauram,
when release Asia ranking each year?

Hello everyone !
I am considering to do my masters in electronics and energy engineering from Griffith University.Any reviews please?

Hi Malik. Yes, lots! As a starting point, why not visit the QS World University Rankings by Faculty to see which German universities come out top for engineering & technology subjects? You can filter the results by country. This may give you some ideas, and you can then do some more research into the specific programs on offer.

I have Done BSC in Enlectrical Engineering with 2.2 CGPA Is there any uni in germany which gives admission IN MSC Engineering

I'm currently doing Chartered Accountancy from ICAP i have cleared Module A ,B,C and 2 papers of module D following are the papers which i have passed till now.

1.Quantitative methods
2.Functional English
4.Financial Accounting I
5.Mercantile law
6.Business communication and behavioural studies
7.Taxation (Pakistan based)
8.Financial Accounting 2
9.Informational technology
10.Company law (Pakistan Based)

now my plan is to do masters in accounting and finance from a german university , will any of those universities give me Exemptions for relevant subjects which i have already passed here? looking forward to your early response.

Hi! I'm Eiphyu. I'm myanmar but now I live in Japan. I wanna join the scholarship to attend the international university in U.S. pls advice to me.

Hi Eiphyu. We have a list of international scholarships to study in the US here. You may also want to look at our guide to studying abroad in the US. Hope this helps you get started!

HI jose me baburam khanal from Nepal I agree that the ranking factor is an essential influencer when choosing a university ....

Hi I am from India and I want to pursue my MBA but my family's economic condition is not so good that they can't support my further studies so can you please suggest me some scholarships where I can fulfil my dreams.

Hi Jadunath. You may want to look at our sister site,, which is dedicated to providing information about MBAs and business schools. If you attend the QS World MBA Tour, you'll also be eligible to apply for a QS Scholarship to help fund your MBA studies - find out more here.

Sorry Laura. I'm seeing these letters at spreadsheet QS-World-University-Rankings-2014-2015.xlsx. Inside the column STATUS.
Thank you for your fast response..

Hi José. Those letters carry the following meanings:

A: Public; B: Private not for profit; C: Private for profit

Hope this is helpful, and thanks for your interest in the rankings!


Hi. I would like to know what does the letter c about the status of universities. I have found that the a is for public universities and b for private ones. ButI don't know what is the c.
I would appreciate your help. Thanks a lot.

Hi José. Can you explain exactly where you're seeing these letters?



Hi ,I want to download the excel of University Rankings2014/15 . So who can tell me where i can get it. Appreciate your help

Hi Windsor. The spreadsheet of results is available here. Thanks for your interest in the rankings!

Hi Windsor. We don't have this available online just yet, but it's coming soon! Keep an eye on the World University Rankings page here, in the 'Additional Resources' section.

Apart from just the citations per faculty - is it possible to measure, capture or presented the societal impact of each faculty work, as many researchers and universities venture into spreading their works thru social media for outreach?

Similar models like a social media marketer would measure on a certain brands (products or services) - for the community to understand.

In general how do you go about world university ranking in Australia and United kingdom? Am new to debate on this forum!! Haven't heard more! Does the ranking also has any impact? If yes what are those impacts? if you say these are top rankings, i only feel ok! I didn't know that there must be so other aspects to checked before taking on. Tell us more. this is Jacob Andrews. Blantyre -Malawi

Hi Jacob. The methodology used to create each ranking varies. For the QS World University Rankings (next edition out tomorrow!), we use 6 performance indicators, which are listed here.

We also recently asked a selection of international students what they'd most like universities to be measured by. You can see what they said here. We'd love to know your thoughts too!

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hi everyone. i am interested in studying a degree or diploma in english either at oxford university or cambridge university through distance learning but i am not sure if these two universities offer distance learning. i have tried to look on their websites but i was unsuccessful. your assistance in this regard will be highly appreciated.

Hi Samkelo.

Oxford University's distance learning programs are listed here:

And Cambridge University's distance learning courses are listed here:

Hope this helps!

There's an error in the link given above for Cambridge University's distance-learning courses. The correct link is
Hope this helps!

Good morning Laura

thank you so much for your assistance, i will log in now.


Finding metrics that are internationally available, consistent and of reasonable quality is the difficulty; in teaching particularly. Proxy measures such as student to faculty ratios don't necessarily deem quality (it can mean inefficiency). From a teaching perspective, what else is there. Many institutions are now using the Domestic and International Student Barometer. Used by around 200 institutions worldwide, it may not be sufficiently comprehensive (yet) but a tool like this might be a better determinant of teaching quality in the future. Though recognising institutions have to pay to be involved, it's not ideal.

External engagement is another area that has the potential to "sift the wheat from the chaff". Both industry engagement and International collaboration can be useful measures of quality. Those with commercial interests such as industry will only engage if they get quality outcomes in return. Likewise, the level of International collaboration with other institutions (particularly if restricted only to ranked institutions), is a reasonable indicator of the (perceived) quality of your research. No one wants their own performance dragged down by low quality partners.

Rankings shouldn't be the only tool in decision making but are a useful guide to narrow down choice when there are so many options available. They fill a gap that isn't met elsewhere.

I have just begun the process of shortlisting universities. I'm confused as to which ranking should I consider when I apply; the overall ranking or the subject ranking.
PS: I want to take MS Structural engineering from one of the top ranked universities.

Hi Navroj. We'd never recommend basing your decision purely on any ranking - these are just one resource among many, so do bear that in mind!

Since you know what subject you want to study, then I'd suggest consulting the subject ranking for civil and structural engineering:

Once you select a few universities, you may also be interested to see how they rank overall, and which indicators they are strongest in at global level.

You can then pursue some further research into the MSc programs offered by the institutions of interest to you. And for background information on costs and applications in different countries, check out our destination guides:

Hope this is helpful, and best of luck!

i want mphil scholarship leading to PHD plz guide me
in different countries...

Hi Sana. I've posted a few links in response to your comment here, which should hopefully help:

i want mphil scholarship leading to PHD plz guide me

Hi everyone,

I love history and want to study history in university
As I live in HK, i have some research on global history ranking of university
it is very weird that, in 2013 and 2012, there are no HK's university enter the top 50 in the subject of History
But, in 2014 Hong Kong university suddenly enter top 50 and defeat the NUS and Peking University and become the 3rd best university of history in Asia.
Also I am very confused that, in 2012, Peking university's history ranking is 22, best in Asia, and others like Kyoto university and NUS are very low,
The situation change suddenly, in 2013, these 2 university overtaken Peking University and in 2014, the Hong Kong University defeat Peking university

Thus, I am very confused and doubt whether the QS's ranking is rational and scientific for me to choose which university i am going to study next year

Hi Chun.

We'd never using rankings as a sole method of choosing a university. The information provided is meant to be just one useful resource, and it's always important to do your own research and identify an institution and course that are a good fit for you.

You can find information about the methodology used to create the QS Rankings by Subject here:

When using the ranking table (and logged in as a site member) you can also filter the results by each of the indicators used, to get a better idea of each university's strongest points.

Hope this helps a little, and best wishes for your university choice - I'm sure you'll reach the right decision!


<p>Things looked rosy for Cambridge last month. Yes, the university may have lost pole position in the world university rankings to paradise . But in taking second place, three slots clear of its great rival Oxford and two ahead of it reaffirmed its status as the leading light in higher education.</p>

in Asia ranking ??

It seems that the people who organised this rank do not know that Israel in situated in asia, so they did not put its ranking in Asia ranking list. Why??

This article made me shocked:
Please help me to find the best university in the medical field

Hi Amine. We certainly would never recommend choosing a university based solely on a ranking table, and it's always important to understand how the ranking was created and what it really means. However, rankings can still be a good starting point to help you identify some of the best reputed and high performing institutions in your subject area.

You can find the latest QS ranking of top medical schools here :

And an explanation of the ranking methodology is here:

When choosing a medical school it will also be useful to think about what's most important for you personally - for example a particular medical specialization, association with a well-known hospital, opportunities to pursue your own medical research, and so on.

Best wishes for your search, and please let us know how you get on!


<p><span style="line-height: 1.5em;">the latest QS ranking of top medical schools here :</span></p><p>&nbsp;</p>

I am considering taking admission at the University of Bath, UK in psychology. It is ranked very highly in the three different UK rankings but does not find mention at all in the QS world rankings? Why is that so?

Hi Dr Chugh. Actually the University of Bath is ranked within the global top 200 in the latest QS World University Rankings:

Differences in position are due to different methodologies used to create each university ranking table. To understand how the QS ranking is created, please see this overview:

Hope this helps!

Which is best undergraduate school for INTERIOR DESIGN in the world?
What is the admission criteria as International students?

Its very great and helpful.If you want to complete your media master of administration from one of the top MBA institute in India will be in a position where he will be achieving a good position in his company.

Hey guys,
CAT (Common Admission Test) is the premier all India management entrance exam conducted by IIMs. Candidates must secure a minimum mark in each section to qualify for that section and eventually for the CAT. If you found any details about the CAT entrance exam.

Please advice on Nagoya university of Japan for physics as it's ranking in 2013 was 37th and in 2014 list it's in 51-100.waiting for an early response as got to take the decision urgently

Hi Ruchi. Any university which ranks in the top 100 is still within the very top percentage globally, so Nagoya University is still in a very strong position. We would also advise students never to base a decision about where to study solely based on rankings tables - these are intended to be a useful resource to help with your research, but you should always consider other factors, such as how well the course content matches your own interests. Hope this helps.

Hi Friends - I am an international development professional with work experience of around 13 years in leading consulting firms. I have a Bachelors and a prior MBA. I am looking at a 1 year MA or MSc course related to the field of international development. I have identified LSE which offers some interesting courses. Could you please suggest other names? I am clearly looking at a college which has good linkages with the job market, moreso with multilateral institutions and the IGO sector. Any suggestions?

Hi Friends,

I have a chosen a course name "Msc in Finance and Information system" in Ireland.College ranking is around 501-500.I may have a chance of getting a offer letter very shortly.Kindly suggest if this univ. can be taken up for studies.

Yes, there are many other very iportant things that I think people should consider in rankings!