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Study Abroad 365 has put together a list of 25 universities in Germany that are tuition free for international students seeking to study in Germany. However, be informed that while studying in Germany, you’ll be required to finance your feeding and accommodation expenses. International students should budget roughly 500 Euros for their books, healthcare, food and registration. So in one year, an international student should expect to spend 7000 Euros on feeding, accommodation and books expenses.


To obtain a German visa, you’ll have to show concrete finance proof of your ability to finance your accommodation and feeding expenses during your time of study. This can be done in either of two ways:

(1) Submit a letter of finances to the German consulate or embassy. You can obtain this sponsor letter from your parents or a German relative who is willing to sponsor your studies in Germany.

(2) Open a German blocked account and deposit roughly 7000 euro. This can only happen once you’ve received your letter of admission. This blocked account is opened in the German embassy.

For more information, visit a German consulate in your home country or check out their websites for further details.

Hi @Nagurbee and @Aliya, you can find out how to study an MBA in Germany over on our sister site, MBAs in Germany aren't free but you might be able to find a scholarship - we've listed a range of scholarship options here. :)

Hi I've Completed B.Tech In IT Branch.I've 2 Years of Experience as a PHP Developer .Now I would like to do MBA in Germany for free or, minimum tuition free.kindly suggest me.

Hi! I've completed M.Tech and would like to do MBA in Germany. I'm a 27 y/o from India. Can I apply for MBA? If so, what are the eligibility criteria? Please do explain. Thanks!


Hi, I am looking for a tuition free Visual Communication program in English in Germany I am from Pakistan.

hi,am looking for my daughter, how to admit her mba degree on human resourse in Germany.

I would like to study mba in germany i am an indian citizen

Hi Praveen, you can find information on studying an MBA in Germany over on our sister site, :)

hi, I am looking for free tuition fee undergraduate degree in business administration in Germany. Can you help me?

Hi, I am looking for a tuition free sociology phd programme in english in Germany I am from Turkey.

Hi Europa, please take a look at our article on how to study a PhD in Germany. You can find the top universities for sociology in Germany here, and the DAAD has a search tool you can use to search for the right PhD for you. Hope this helps! 

Please am looking for a tuition free or affordable english taught medicine schools in Germany for my son. I need help on how to go about it

Hi Lydia, which study level is your son looking to study at? Only Masters degrees in medicine are available in English, and these aren't always free. Your son can study medicine for free at bachelor's level but there are no English-taught courses at this level so he'll need a strong knowledge of German for this. Your son might like to use the website's search tool to find a program.

Hi , i m Tunisian student in a cinema college here , and i want to start over my studies in another country for free because my country diploma in this domain is not international ... can you help me to find one of those free universities ?

Can you please provide the link where I can view the list of these 25 universities.

Hi ,my name is udayakumar. I completed my B.E in ECE in 2014.I have 1.8 years of experience in telecom domain.Now iam planning to Ms in Germany in embedded domain.kindly suggest me.

Hi Udayakumar, you can find the top universities for your subject with our latest subject rankings, and you might also like to use the search tool for find the right master's degree for you. :)

Hi Sabrina,
Quick question. My University is having tuition fees of 24000 EUR. Should I produce a proof of having this amt or is it still okay to show 8700 EUR in my blocked account? I have to pay the fees by Aug 31 2017 and I am still working on Loan and Scholarship. But I wish to get my VISA done ASAP.

Hi Sachin, I'm not sure, but I think you will only need to pay your tuition from your enrolment date (you will probably pay the per semester amount, plus enrolment administration costs). The 8700 euros is just for living expenses. However, I'd suggest contacting your university's international office to double check this. :)

hey, my name is Taiwo. i want to apply for free scholarship in germany for my master msc.mechanical program or any related engineering programs.please i need help in getting a free tuition university in germany and there requirement ,if there is a link to this reguest u can sent it to my email

Hi Taiwo, I'm afraid we can't respond to individual questions via email, but here's a link to a list of scholarships to study in Germany. You might also like to read our guide on how to find scholarships to study abroad, which includes advice on writing a successful application essay. :)

Hi; May name Dr Temesgen tefera.I have been lerned or graduated with Veterinary medicine since 2012 from Hawassa University. Now i want to study a related science of masters from your university. Please contact me to study.

Hello, we're not actually a university, we just provide advice about applying to universities and studying abroad. If you'd like to study a masters in Germany, this article can help to get you started. :)

are there tuition free universities in Germany for international students whom are post-graduates of Civil Engineering? i finished my bachelors degree here in the Philippines, though.

Hi, I wish to study Masters in International Communication or Digital Marketing and am looking for Universities with free tuition.I wish to apply for the July/Aug semester. Awaiting your reply at an earliest .

i want to enroll for msc in Germany wot are the requirements for tuition free schools
my name is abdul. i want to apply in Germany for and want to know more about teution free school

Hi Nas, I'm afraid you will probably need to pay tuition fees to study a masters in Germany, as at this level it's normally only free if you've studied your bachelor's degree in a similar subject in Germany. You can find out more about the admission requirements for masters degrees in Germany here.

My name is wale. I' m from Nigeria I wana study in Germany. But I don't know the tuition fee

Hi Wale, tuition fees vary depending on your study level and university - you can study for free at bachelor/PhD level at any of the public universities in Germany (although the state of Baden-Württemberg will be reintroducing tuition fees from autumn this year). You can find out more about tuition fees in our article 'how much does it cost to study in Germany?' which we updated yesterday. :)

hey ,i am a undergraduate student studying in mechanical engineering in khulna university of engineering and technology , i want to study in Germany for full free studentship for master degree. can you help me. i want to go next year after finshing my graduation. also i am learning german language in a language course.pls can you help me

hey..its me Abinash ., i want to join for top free ranking college in germany that doesn't require SAT ..

it is me dawit from ethiopia i am 21 am study in adama science and techonology university undergradugte by geomatics enginering i want to county my study from one of germany university free scolarship plc help me how can i apply sister sabrina

Hi Dawit, please take a look at our lists of scholarships for African students and scholarships to study in Germany - each external scholarship link should provide full details on how to apply. Good luck with your applications! 

I want to do a postgraduate studies on scholarship, how do i apply pls?

Hi Omojo, our complete guide on how to study abroad in Germany includes advice on applying at graduate level, and you can browse a range of scholarships to study in Germany here. Hope this helps!

hey, please im a student in grade 11 and I want to find a free Cambridge college that doesn't require SAT in Germany.

Hi I completed my graduation from bangladesh and now i m doing duploma in malaysia i wana like to get information of top university of germany

Hello, please take a look at our article on the top universities in Germany in 2016-2017, and if you'd like to find out the top universities in Germany for your subject, here's a link to our latest subject rankings. Hope this is helpful :)

Hello ,I am a student of geology and i want to do ms from Germany,suggest me top universities for geology

Hello, although we don't currently rank geology, it might be helpful to view our latest rankings by subject for environmental sciences - the results can be narrowed down to show only German universities, and you could also use our compare function to help you decide on a university. :)

Hi can u help me I'm really interested going oversea to study now I'm 16 years old studying in singapore and I'm taking my N level exam this year i thought I can study abroad to Germany at 17 years old any recommendations of schools in Germany as I know I have financial problems and saw this that actually they give it free would u explain it more to me?

Hi Shermaine, you can currently study a bachelor's degree for free at any public university in Germany, however there are plans to reintroduce tuition fees for non-EU students at the state of Baden-Württemberg in autumn this year. You can view the top universities in Germany for your subject in our latest rankings by subject here and our complete guide on how to study abroad in Germany should help to get you started, with advice on student visas, costs, language requirements, admissions advice and more. Hope this is helpful!

I am a graduate from Bangladesh. Now i want to do my post graduate from Germany.. Please suggest me for universities for free or, minimum tuition free.

Hi Rubayat, I'm afraid masters degrees in Germany aren't usually free unless you've previously studied your bachelor's degree in the country, however there are a range of scholarships available to help, which you can browse from here. Hope this helps!

Hi, I want to join master's in Architecture for free or, minimum tuition free. Pls suggest.

Hi Bristy, please take a look at our list of architecture scholarships around the world, which includes the DAAD scholarship to study architecture in Germany. Hope this helps! 

I am Chukwu Alphonsus, from Nigeria, I want to further my education on post graduate in public health, but I really need a sponsor..

Hi Chukwu Alphonsus, please take a look at our list of scholarships to study in Germany. Hope this helps! 

Hey people !
I am a post graduate in Forestry. I am determined to apply for Mphil or Phd degree in wildlife sciences which seems to be confusing for me to choose. If anyone have ideas about which degree is better and where can I get good scholarships for respective degree would be really helpful and appreciable.

Regards !

Me too :( I left a mark here. Hope any helpfull comments will come