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How to get study and immagrate to CANADA (Montreal, Quebec)

I want to share with everybody my story how I get study in Canada and apply for immigration.

It was not easy and long process and I try to get information throw agency and some company who looks like help with documents etc... But it was just a screamers who was interested to get they money and commission. And all information for application was difficult and closed.

By coincidence I met one girl in Interned who help me with all process and application and finally Iam here!:)
I tell to myself that if anybody ever need help and consultation I would be happy to do it! Because I was the same...

So I know that the most easiest way to Immigrate to Canada its throw study. A lot of International Student trying to get to University for 4-6 years. But it is not the easiest way. Because by the law you can not apply for immigration until the end of your programer. The price in University is too high for an international students. And after University you still need to get a work experience that helps you to archive your goal and immigrate. For myself I found out its not practical! I attend Database Administration program, because this job its exactly what government need now in my province.

I apply for study in college. Its much more cheaper than university and if college have some program that government interested in it will be non taxable too. Why I recommend college for immigration:

1. Its cheaper than university
2. A lot of colleges proved co-op programs that meant study and work practice
3. Possible to apply to work permit
4. Providing with free language courses
5. The college program takes 1-2 years maximum and after this you can apply for your Permanent Residence in Canada

And after then when you have you documents here you can always apply and study for free or very cheep in any university.
I also recommend to apply to Quebec, Montreal. Why I recommend Quebec for immigration:

1. Its more easiest from all other province
2. Its a French Colony and to get to learn French here gives you a lot of points for your immigration (you can learn in your College for free if you choose professional study programms or just separate)
3. Level of life more cheaper for student that in other province (accommodation, food, education...)
4. City Montreal its a mix of American and European culture here represented community from all over the world: Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, French, Russian, Ukrainian, American ets... Very easy for adaptation!

If someone need help or would like to get information, Iam open to share my experience because we are all an international students and Immigrants!:) Lets share our experience and knowledge...

Good luck to all!!!!:))))

hi, how did you started with your application process. care to share? thanks!


I ve been trying to figure out how to get admission to post graduate school University of Toronto to study business Administration and my masters in Accounting actually I have third class out of school, " University of Port Harcourt, River state Nigeria, is there any hope or help u can render since u ar already there? Pls if the school can give me admission directly it will be of great advantage, meaning I won't bother to do my Pgd in Nigeria. Pls I need ur help. Thanks

Hi, I don't understand the way they called there post graduate there, because have been trying to get post graduate but is giving me different names. Pls what is it called apart from post graduate. And how can I apply?

Hi. I'm have been researching online but completely lost. I'm high school graduated. I used to study in broadcasting when I was 18 but I dropped out. Now I was 21, I wish to apply a college in Canada but the financial seems impossible to make this happens. Do you have any advise? I have no work experience. What should I do? I'm kinda desperate want to go to Canada and live there. Please contact me as soon as you can.

Hi Jo, I'd suggest looking for a scholarship to help with costs - we've listed a range of scholarships to study in Canada here. Our complete guide on how to study abroad in Canada contains more advice on student visas, applications, tuition fees, living costs and more. Hope this helps!

Hi. which college did you apply for and how can i apply?

So far so good, I ve been trying to figure out how to get admission to post graduate school at McGill University in pure and applied physics to have my masters in medical physics, actually I have third class out of school, "Ladoke Akintola University of Technology Ogbomoso in Oyo state Nigeria, is there any hope or help u can render since u ar already there? Pls if the school can give me admission directly it will be of great advantage, meaning I won't bother to do my Pgd in Nigeria. Pls I need ur help.

I am a Mechanical graduate from India, having 10+ years of experience in Mechanical design. I am married and having two kid.

I am interested in doing my MS + PhD degree and like to settle in Canada with family. Due to some personal commitments I can’t process the admission for another two years (till 2018).

Is planning to do Masters of Science (MS) Mechanical Engineering in Canada at the age of 34 is good idea with family?

Hi i want to immigrate to canada as a student or professional. I am 25 year old Accounting and finanace

Hi I want to immigrate to Canada as a student or professional. I am 27 year old industrial engineer. Plase help!

Hi Lorena, please take a look at our article on how to get a Canadian student visa

Would i be granted a student visa if i already have a Master degree and want to study in college in Quebec?

Hi I have same question I have done master in business administration but I m applying for a diploma course in Halifax Canada, would I be granted a student visa ? Would I have chances for rejection?

Yes you can apply. But if you are planning to study in quebec make sure you have sufficient funds to manage there. Because in quebec college or university fees is bit high in comparison with other province.

hi am Kaydian and am a 1st year Business College student in Jamaica and I wish to major in accounting , but am thinking I want to study in Canada what help and advise can you offer?

I have done mtech in computer science (2k16) with 72% and btech(2k14) with 82%. Now I am looking forward to immigrate to canada. which are options through which I can apply for canada for study visa and after study for PR also.
Thanku in advance and looking forward for your valuable reply.

Hi shruti ,
It is advisable to file for PR directly. If you are holding masters degree ,you will get more point . For immigration minimum 1 experience is req. With masters and 2 years with bachelors . Study is a good option but expensive. Rest the choice is yours. Thanks. Also if you are single you will get more points .

Good and helping information. Please can I have your Emil id or contact number .

Can i have your contact no or email id to communicate directly. Thanks.

Hi, I'm 29 years old. I am a physical education teacher and swimming coach. I have been swimming coach since 2010. I want to live there after I study language in Canada. Like a lot of people. I'm studying language in Vancouver and thinking about working in Vancouver. I'm doing research for my first trip to Canada, but it's very expensive. When I did research, I could not reach the departments related to my field of study. After starting with another program, I think about going into my own profession. Is there a road map you can give me? Would it be right to go to Canada first as a tourist and do research in Canada? To find a cheaper education. Thank you, have a good day.

Hi. How can i have the list of the colleges in Quebec which are approved for immigrating to ? and what are the chances to get the PR after graduating ? How can i contact you ? DO you have any email address where i can contact you ?


Hello Sabrina, I hope you doing OK, I need little advice from you, I got Visa on basis of diploma in accountancy from mcgill university , my friend helped me to secure place in mcgill but after getting admission mcgill has made me to choose more than 30 credit hours saying that for immigration purpose and I am now worried for it , can you suggest me alternatively route for it as I can't afford that much tuition fees, can I change into college there some with good reputation ? Plus help me out


Hi I am 45 years old and am interested in pursuing a co op course in Human resources in Canada. Can someone please let me know on how to go about it? Also is there a chance of getting a job after doing the coop course?

Hi I am a nursing graduate and currently working here in ph. Would you help me to know more about where or what step should I do first in getting a study visa in Canada? Thanks a lot and God bless!

Hi Dee, please take a look at our article on how to get a Canadian student visa. You might also like to download our free guide on how to study abroad in Canada for more advice. :) 

Hi, my uncle age 46, BTech plus MBA from Indua, wants to do diploma from Canada and after that will he get 3 yrs work permit. If he gets a job there during 3 yrs, shall he be eligible to apply for PR.

Hi Abhijay, we have advice on getting a job during or after studying in Canada here, including advice on how you can become a permanent resident. 

I need help on moving to Canada. Can u help?

Hello! Im interested in studying in Canada and possibility living there. I need help since i dont know much about the process :)

Hi Bostio, have a look at our guide on how to study abroad in Canada. If you'd like to stay in Canada to find work after graduation, you can read about Canadian work visas here. :)

Thank you for such an inspiring story. I need help and guidance on the names of the colleges and the whole application process in general. If you dont mind corresponding by email :). thanks in advance.

Dear Sabrina,
I have applied to various universities in Canada (both master and PhD). I have already done my MA in Teaching English and because of too many reasons I'm worried for getting a visa. When I read your post, I thought "why not going to college in Montreal?" Do you have any suggestions ? I mean, can I go to a college for TEFL/TESL courses and find a job right after?

I have a question I didn't find right topic to ask.
Humber college in Ontario requires Diplom-Metevaseth/National High School Diploma with a minimum grade of 14 in required program subjects for Bachelor’s.
I want to know that is it possible to apply if our diploma is from a technical school in iran?

Hi.I just graduated from grade 12 (CBSE) in abu dhabi. I would like to continue my further studies in medicine in Canada. Would you please guide me for the further procedures
Thank you

Hi Isaac, our complete guide on how to study abroad in Canada should help to get you started. To help you to choose a university, you might like to view our latest rankings by subject for medicine, with the results narrowed down to show only Canadian universities. Hope this helps. 

I want to find coleeges that pro ide instrumentation and control engineering in bacholar Engineering i have completed diploma here i want to study there at minimum cost will you plz suggest me what i will do ?

Hello, I want to work in Canada and immigrate there as well after 2 years. it was my dream to live there. Does anyone could help me find a job in Canada. I am trying to apply in express entry but maybe the reasons are:
1. I dont have a friend living in Canada or even relatives.

If you want to apply under express entry . You can apply directly on d basis of your education experience and ielts score. There is no points of relatives or friends in express entry.

What is express entry bro? What do u do if you would have friend there? I have friend there but how i can apply for visa??

Hey my name is deep thakkar actually m looking for pg dplioma course for hospitality it is easy that we get part time job in Canada which is the best colleges for hospitality

hey, my name is faizah from malaysia .. im very interesting in Bachelor of mechanical engineering .. up there i'm vocational student so can i continued my studies in Canada ? Im not come from rich family so i need some advice from you .. please help me make a decision .. more thanks

My name is chetan and i did in cse and having more then 4 year experience in computer programming now want to go quebec..suggets me the best option

Many options are available in quebec for further studies ... pathway to pr. But if you are a working professional that too in IT software , i must say its better to apply under express entry program. Most of the companies giving job offer on priority to technical experience holders . So as soon as you apply under express entry. You have good chance of getting nomination easily.

HI, my name is Abdel Rahman and I'm a student at Catholic francophone school in Egypt and I hope you write me the names of some colleges in Montreal

Hello, you can find a list of the ranked universities in Montreal, and find out more about studying in the city here. 

Hello, I am Lakshya and currently I am doing my M.Sc. in Computer Science from University of Delhi, Delhi, India.
I would like to work and if possible immigrate to Canada.
How do I know which jobs are in demand right now? Is Database Administration Program still in demand?
Which college will be best for this program? What are the requirements?
As my bachelors was of 3 years( which is why I am pursuing M.Sc. in CS here so that I can apply for MS in Canadian Universities, will that be a good idea? )
I am very confused! Please, help me!
Thank you in advance :)

Yes you can apply for higher studies in canada . And if you have some professional experience then you can apply directly for pr.

Hey,i have a Bachelor of Science and technology,been an IT engineer for the last 8 years,have lots of Cisco certifications been doing Cisco from when i graduated university and i love it.
I would love to come and do masters in Canada but from the forum i see its very expensive.
Please advise which other IT programs i can apply for apart from Database administration.And please which colleges can you advise me to start applyings

Hello , canada is good for higher studies but if you a working professional than you may apply for PR directly it will be less expensive also you can complete your higher studies in less fees in canada after getting PR visa.