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Enomfon J
3 years ago
Can you answer this question?

869 Answers

I am from india i want to finish my high school in germany  school is cheapest for me


I have BA degree in accounting from S/merry Unversity &I like extend Ms in the same filed but I have shortage of econme/mony/ pleas help me?

is there any way i can go to nursing school and get a bachlors degree for free?? im currently living in the u.s., but would like to move out of the country. if not nursing, law school?

can i get help writing with my english of style for get to university? I can write a little english but need help for to it be perfect when I apply for job and schools university

Hello I am Somalian but I live in Bangladesh for study in university, I want to get full scolarshipship in Germany  
I graduated in high school or secondary level I want to get bachelor degree department of electrical engineering 
 please support to me as well batter 

Hi Ali, you can study a bachelor degree for free at all public universities in Germany, excluding those in the state of Baden-Württemberg. If you'd like to find a scholarship to help with living costs, you can find a range of scholarships to study in Germany here

Please Sabrina can I know a way to contact you? I'm a international student who's trying to study in Germany and I have financial problems as well. Please reply to this cause I have some problems about the unis and applying. Please reply... Thanks

Hi Suvindu, I'm afraid we can't respond to individual inquiries via email. You might like to check our frequently asked questions page in case this helps clear up one of your problems. You might also like to check our list of scholarships to study in Germany. Hope this helps.