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Enomfon J
2 years ago
Can you answer this question?

855 Answers

I would like to study for PhD- Information systems in an English University in Germany. Please assist

Hi Jeremy, please take a look at our article on how to study a PhD in Germany. Hope it's helpful!


Hi, i am from cameroon with a BBA and i which to further me study in a german free university please need help

Hi Chendjou, if you'd like to study a master's degree in Germany, you can find out about how to apply here. You might need to pay tuition fees as you haven't studied your bachelor's degree in Germany.

ok thanks, please i want to know if they are free tuition universities for undergraduate in english ??

Yes, you can study an undergraduate degree for free at any public university (excluding those in the state of Baden-Württemberg). There are a limited number of English-taught programs - you can search for them here. :)

I am currently look for a film/documentary school in Germany with free tuition.  I am looking for a certifcate/diploma rather than a Masters course.  I need beginner experience, as I studied a bachelor's in a different major.  What are my options?

Hi, I am looking for free tuition fee undergraduate degree in business administration or finance related subjects in Germany, for my son. Can you help me to fine a right choice?

Hello, your son can study an undergraduate degree for free at all public universities (although if he is not from the EU, he'll need to pay tuition fees to study at any universities in the state of Baden-Württemberg). You could use the search tool to help find the right program. :)

Hi Sabrina, are there any international colleges offering a linguistics or German major? What is the best way to look for colleges?

I did refer that you make some researches online.