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Enomfon J
5 years ago
Can you answer this question?

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Hi , I am hala from yemen living in Sadui Arabia all my life , studying medicine in Jorden unviversity of science and Technology for the last six years , I am a forth year student , I want to know about the ability to Apply for unviversites that are related to medicine to finsh what I have left there, I would prefer if it is in English , but I wouldn't mind to learn the language if it's required. i have the well take a year off to take a course for language , I woudn't prefer to repeat years in the medicine I would be greatful if there is a place that would compensate what I have toke in Jordan or take a part of it . i have my parents as finance sponser .I can take care of the finance that required for registration , healthcare ,food , books , accommodation , travling and visa expenses.
I have a good CV with many activities and volunteer works in different kind of fields.
Please guide me to each part , and how to do the addmition , and the suitable opportunities to my case . and what the best choices to finish my Bachelor's degree there . Thanks in advance .

I doing BS in computer science.I want transfer my credit hours is it possible to take transfer in Germany please advice.

Hello, I Am Lawal Gafar, Please I Wish To Study In Germany I Really Love Germany Since My Little But Now I Need Scholarship To Futher More. I Like To Study Public Admin

I want to study for MSC finance. I have acca qualifications already. Please advice on my prospect

Hi mam I am amir from Pakistan I did bcs hon 4 year in 2010, is it possible to further continue study in Germany without tuition fee.