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4 years ago
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Hi i am Bishworup from Nepal currently studying Bachelors(international business) in Netherlands and now i want to transfer my studies to Germany and finish my study of international Business there... So is it possible and what is the process for the transfer???


Hi i am Awais from Pakistan i want to take admission for Master degree my interest in Information technology,i heard from 1 of my friend that Canada give a free education, is it true?

Hi Awais. I'm afraid this is not true - you will need to pay tuition fees to study at a Canadian university. We have an article explaining the costs of studying in Canada here. You may also be interested in our list of affordable places to study abroad.

Hi i am sarah, i am from tunisia, i want to ask if it is possible for me to study business abroad ,it's my dream and i really want to fulfill it . I want it from all my heart .I will be greatful and thankful if you give me a helping hand

Hi Sarah, I don't see why not! You can view the top universities for your subject with our latest subject rankings (and can narrow the results down by country/region if you'd like). You can also explore possible study destinations with our guides, and if you'd like to find a scholarship to help with costs, we've listed business scholarships around the world here. Hope this is helpful!

me i don't know

Hi Dear,am Gecho Erkisa From Ethiopia i have Diploma in Accounting please help me how i can get scholarship in any European country please if possible as soon as possible thank you.!!!

Hi Gecho, please take a look at our list of scholarships to study in Europe. :)