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Arifa M
2 months ago
Can you answer this question?

2 Answers

CCE UPES is the best university for distance learning programs you can take admission in MBA Logistics.

Thanks Vikash for recommendation :)

I personally don't suggest you to change the careers now. But if you still want to change then here are afew universities1.  MIT Masters in Supply Chain Management (USA, Luxembourg, Spain, and Malaysia)
2. MBA in Global Supply chain and Logistics, Purdue University, USA
3. Nova School of Business and Economics - Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal

Ram, could you please tell me why you would not suggest to change career? Saying frankly, I did not like teaching, therefore, I made a change and found an interest towards logistics.Thanks a lot for the university suggestions :)

Hello Arifa, The main reason is prospective employers may have concerns about your suitability and sustainability for the new role if you have swapped career paths, as it indicates that you're not sure what direction your career is taking.

Also, when you make a career change, you have to start from scratch and you have to be prepared for the fact that moving up the career ladder within your new industry will likely take longer than it would have if you stayed in your teaching career.

Hello Ram, thanks a lot for the opinion and for taking time to reply.But, I grew to like logistics, hope I will be more specialized in this field in the future :)