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Anan L
5 years ago
Can you answer this question?

230 Answers

I'm investigating this opportunity too. I've read a lot of forums and sites and found this one . For me it was quite useful, there is a list of universities in Canada and some more. So happy to share it with you and good luck in moving to Canada)

Yeah same here.. Let me know as well if you find anything related..

Its really great to know that !!!
I was thinking for admission for some of my students who really need help on great universities. 

I am interested too. How is it going?

Which is the best college in quebec montreal. How much is the tuition fees thre? Can you help me?

Hi Subin, the highest ranked university in Montreal is currently McGill University, and you can find out how other Canadian universities ranked with our World University Rankings. For info on fees, I'd recommend reading our article 'How much does it cost to study in Canada?'. Hope this helps :)

if I have a Bachelor degree in mechanical engineering from outside canada and I need to come to quebec canada and do The DEP program ,please can I know if after finishing the DEP program and getting the permanent residents should I be able to work with my engineeringdegree?or only I will be able to work with my certificate of DEP program
thanks in advance