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Anan L
5 years ago
Can you answer this question?

235 Answers

Hello, thanks for the information you have shared, it is very helpful, I will consider to let my child attend

you can migrate after submitting the migration application they need experience of job and Ielts after this you can easily get it. 

Hi there. Thanks for the useful information. I have been thinking about studying in Canada for a while.

hello! Thank You for sharing this What are the good essay writing service in Canada? Is there any good writing services available that provides quality essay writing papers with lowest rates?

Hi. If you are looking for a good essay writing service you should search not only Canada but the USA as well. I can recommend this service which is really one of the best. Good luck!

Hi I work at and I have applied for Canada as an employee and it was accepted, I guess it is easy to apply for Canada as an employee, you won't be required to have IELS and etc.

Thank you! This information is really useful!

Hello. I am international student. I am studying in California State University Maritime Academy, in United States.It is good place for international student. I know how hard to be a freshman in foregien country. So, I want to help you.
When I was in your situation I used Free-Apply. This web helped me to find all detail information about all universities in the world. Try to search information here.
Good luck!

i am an international student pls how do enroll for master degree program in canada with a scholarship . i am from nigeria.

Please coll me

Hi Adefunso, here are links to our article on how to study in Canada at graduate level and our list of scholarships to study in Canada