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Anan L
6 years ago
Can you answer this question?

252 Answers

Hey Anan! Canadian international student program can help you through the process of getting your study permit and permanent residency. During this process, you need to submit the acceptance letter, proof of financial support, and identity documents for applying for a study permit.

Hey Anan! If you want to study in Canada universities. You need to understand the requirements,choose your course and the institution, take a language proficiency test like IELTS which is mostly preferred. Then apply for study permit. Travel time and study time.

Hi, To study Abrod on In Canada You Need follow below things

- Get an acceptance letter

- Apply for a study permit

- Getting a job on or off campus

Wish You Best of Luck  


Hey Anan, if you wish to study / immigrate to canada lot of factors come in to picture, like eduaction, work experince, etc so unless we know about these details it's likely impossible. Contact us at www.globaltree.in for a consultation for abraod education and immigration, our experts will guide you better.

Thanks for sharing the valid thoughts regarding the studies in Canada. Check out https://www.intraa.org/home-depot-survey/

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