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Tony P
3 years ago
Can you answer this question?

1 Answers

Hi, there is a "University" in Marbella called MIUC. My advice is that of sarci very lonatno. The city offers nothing, and if you want to do economic studies you probably know more about them. The tuition, for what is offered, is astronomical: more than 20K dollars a year, on an American level to be clear but with a culture that touches on the ridiculous. Whether on the teaching plan or on the level of economic knowledge, if you choose an economic course. The students are mixed, bachelor's and master's, first years with the last few years, so the subjects are always based on the minor level. For information, the school is practically only attended by Middle Easterners with money, very few Europeans. If you also want to see beautiful Europe and not just bars, avoid it. If you want to learn the real economy, Spain is fine but not Andalusia. If you want to learn social subjects ... they can't convey them. Then, the secondary city prices are very high and the university is not served by any public transport! A 3 km climb is waiting for you every morning ...