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Houssam I
4 years ago
Can you answer this question?

16 Answers

Hey Houssam, If ua still looking to study abroad. U can prefer Singapore as u dont need to spend alot and its one of the best country for everything u ask for. 

Please may you access me with it so as i can travel and study there my dial is +255622166187

If you are a brilliant student or having a strong academic background with experience in other curricular activities then obviously your file stand apart from the crowd. So, you can apply for scholarship schemes that Canada offers to overseas students so that students can concentrate on their studies without worrying about financial status. 

Please can you access me with it because i real need to have the business studies in canada but the problem is i cant afford in paying the fee for me to travel and study there please help me with sponsors or financial aid my dial is 0622166187

Hey there, first thing you'll need for studying abroad is to tick off all of the student visa requirements in terms of your financial situation, how well you can speak English...it depends on which country you plan on applying for....

Wikipedia gives a pretty good starter guide to studying overseas https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Student_migration and this student visa checklist (for Australia...because it's where I'm from) is also pretty helpful https://thestudenthousingcompany.com.au/blog/australian-student-visa-checklist/

Please elaborate what kind of information you want to know. Is it about an exam or financial expenditure you want to know.
Else you can read the blogs who are offering Foreign Solution. This will really help you a lot 

Hey, you should give the IELTS EXAM. All the necessary information about the exam is posted at this link https://goo.gl/uFXBnz . I hope the information was useful.

Studying abroad has become a trend which is going upwards. The world has become a global village. The internet has brought information just a click away and all the universities at your doorstep. One can search and access any information about study abroad, about eligibility, courses, languages, cultures and visas, everything. But somehow in this jungle of information, we feel lost and have apprehensions about going to a foreign land to study. Lot of money, time and our future are at stake. This is where the role of study abroad centers comes in. We get advice and consultation about the concrete facts, serial wise.