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Hello Grace, nice to get in touch with you and hope by this time you have joined your medicine course. Continue with happy if you joined. If you even still looking for the best university to study medicine then this "Texila American University" which is located in guyana [gy.tauedu.org] and zambia [zm.tauedu.org].

In Canada, there are many international universities, that offer education in very affordable fees. If you are looking to go to Canada to pursue your studies in Medicine then you should keep checking the college websites on a daily basis for updates related to scholarship schemes. 

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Hello Grace! I can understand this issue as I also had the same problem once a time. But I resolved this issue by joining a part-time job after the college duration. In fact, it is a good option as it adds working experience with you and makes you handle your livelihood requirement. I am currently studying in Australia at one of the best Perth colleges (https://stanleycollege.edu.au) and also working after college hours to manage all the stuff. It made my life easier. Hope you got some idea with it. Thanks!!!

I know that Ukraine is good for this. i'm already here)))) It is cheap for living and they have some good medical university.