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Oladipo K
2 years ago
Can you answer this question?

6 Answers

Hello, my names are Oyeledun Ayoola Joseph from Nigeria. I am here to ask how i can meet other young expert in my field that i can connect with in other parts of the world. I am currently an undergraduate of quantity surveying and a already a graduate of Building. Really want to meet those specialist and student in the field of construction and other related fields. And also if there is a short term term vacation scholarship that i get to enhance my study in my area of specialization, i would want to access such offer. Thanks!

Hi Laura.Happy to join this platform.Am Nelson from Kenya and currently in Shanghai, China for bachelor studies.I would like to further my education in the United Kingdom at Master,s level.I wright to inquire if I will be legible to get a fully funded schorlaship since am already abroad in another country.Please help

Hi Nelson. As far as I'm aware, the fact that you're already studying abroad should not disqualify you from any scholarship schemes, as long as you meet all the criteria. Our lists of scholarships may help you identify relevant opportunities, and if you're able to attend a QS World Grad School Tour event you'll also be eligible to apply for funding through the QS Scholarships scheme.

This is Sayed Muhammad Hussain i want admission in any university,i have obtained 60% marks in my 12th class, I have studied in U.A.E Please inform me about the different medical universities.....Its would be better if i get your email so that it would be easy for me to contact you....

Hello. I am Daniel majimbo from Kenya, hoping to do my masters in accounting or finance. Can you help me get a scholarship please?

Hi Daniel. Our lists of scholarships to study abroad may be helpful for finding relevant opportunities. We also have a guide that could be helpful - How to Find Scholarships to Study Abroad. Hope these help you get started!

Hi,I am Dr.Subir,M.Phil in medical biochemistry. Now I want to study PhD in medical biochemistry with full funded schlarship in top university of Canada/USA/Australia...Please give me correct information.

Hello Dr.Subir Kumar i find this link may be it will help you to find your PhD scholarship :)

Hi Subir, please take a look at our list of medical scholarships around the world, which includes options to study in Canada/USA/Australia. You might also like to read our new pdf guide on How to Find and Fund a PhD. Hope this helps!