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Ponsa D
5 years ago
Can you answer this question?

2 Answers

Hi Laura,

My name is Joseph and i am a Nigerian. I am hoping to study civil engineering at one of the tuition free university in Germany. I have always wished to study in Germany. Kindly assist me with tuition free university for international students offering civil engineering.

Thanks for the understanding.

Hi Ponsa, our country guides for Germany, Sweden and Norway will be useful for general information about fees (if any) and the application process and although our world rankings list the top universities in Europe, we don't have a dedicated list of public (free) universities, so you'll have to do a quick online search (i.e. wikipedia) to check if the school you're interested in is public or private (private schools charge tuition).

For more relevant schools in your field, see the subject ranking of the top universities for media & communication.

Laura :)