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NYIT? Biomedical Engineering? Old Westbury or Manhattan?

High school senior graduating with an associates in biology from Washington and majoring in Biomedical Engineering. Thoughts on the school, experiences, transportation, dorms, etc. Planning on applying here as a back up school in case I don't get into the schools I want that are more credited in STEM. Read unpleasant reviews on NYIT, looking to hearing more feedback from recent graduates, current students, transfer students, or biomedical engineering majors at/from NYIT.

Also, which campus is better in terms of education and internship opportunity for engineering students? Seems like Manhattan is the more fitting location wise and its public transit. The Old Westbury campus appeals more to me but I am worried about public transit and not interested in living on campus for both locations. I would be looking into going to Westbury if the education quality is better than Manhattan.