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Oohseng n
6 years ago
Can you answer this question?

11 Answers

Hello to everyone. For my mind, the best country to study Architecture is USA. I am international student and I know it by my own experiance. I am studying for my Bachelor of Architecture in University of Southern Mississippi. It is friendly plsce for international student. Also there are modern and professional Architecture program. I will link the web about my university, if you interested ( Good luck!

Depends on what do you want to learn. I think every country has their school: México: Is where I'm from so I think I know what I'm talking about. It's a good country but very fragmented. If you are fortunate, you could study technical problems.Spain: They have not just a lot history in architecture, but their contemporary architects are top of the tops. Their offices and schools are very technichal, very focused in the building process. I would recommend it if you want to learn about building.England: They have some of the top schools, probably more than any other country. The Architectural Association is probably the school the the most renowned graduates (from Rem Koolhaas to Richard Rogers). Very futuristic. The Bartlett School of Design is also a very progressive school, it was directed by Peter Cool.Japan: their school is very clean, clear, simple and competitive. I think their style of design is perfectly aligned for the technology and construction methods of their country. I don't think their philosophy, working ethics and design philosophy could work 100% in other countries, but that's precisely the power of their work.Netherlands: Very radicals. Focsued on innovation, fragmentation, information, data, program (or lack of program). Very funky schools. They also understand the landscape like no one else in the world. Probably this would be my personal choice to study a graduate program.

I'm Umar fron india and i wanted to do my b.arch in architect sinan fien art university istanbul,turkey but i'confused for that which country is good for doing architecture india or turkey?

Hi, I am Neha from india and i wanted to do my M. Arch in abroad. So can someone suggest some top countries and universities that are good in M. Arch

Hi Neha, our latest rankings by subject for architecture includes 100 of the world's best universities for your subject. :)

I saw the new ranking for Architecture schools and it is a great job actually. I do just have a question, is the ranking based on specific degree level (undergraduate, masters, PhD)? or it is an average for all educational levels. I am concerned more about the PhD level.

Thank you,

Hi Ahmed, the subject rankings are based on this methodology and are focused on the performance of the school at all degree levels. PhD candidates may wish to focus on particular elements of the ranking (e.g. research citations per paper) to better get a sense of the school's performance for doctoral studies. You can filter your results on the rankings table itself. Thanks, Laura :)