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Kool K
1 month ago
Can you answer this question?

1 Answers

I guess you'd better start with the general study, which is physics. And yes, it'll be much easier to continue with astronomy when you already know the basics. 

Thankyou for replying!
Yes, you are absolutely right about starting with the general study. If I wanted to study just astronomy, I'd have started with physics but the thing is i also really want to study aerospace engineering. So which one should I study first in a way that I'll also be able to study the other one later on.
I have heard that its easier for a physics major to study engineering later on but the problem is this may reduce my scope of working as a physicist because you usually need a PhD to work as a physicist but i would only have a bachelor's in phyiscs.
To summarise, I think that it will be easier for me to get degrees in both physics and engineering if i choose to do bachelor's in phyiscs but this may reduce my chances of working as a physicist because i won't have a PhD in physics.
And if i choose to study engineering first and then do PhD in physics, I'll be probably able to work as a physicist but the problem is it will be difficult to get into the phyiscs PhD programme