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Vaibhav B
2 years ago
Can you answer this question?

5 Answers

Right now im doing my foundation in science and technology(engineering) for 1 year
I've plan to pursue engineering in europe for my degree
how do i want to know on how to apply study abroad and which uni is the best?

Hi! I'm interesting study abroad for undergraduate

Hi Sam, that's great! Do you need help with anything? :)

i am studying for electrical engineering from iraq, but i do not finish it yet ,and i want to study in the same in germany .
please help me to get a university in germany for free .
thanks for answering .

Education in Kazakhstan.

I amEnd my Diploma in Enginearing study from bangladesh
now i get bachelor degree from Germany university Free Cost
How I get it

Hi Nazmul, you can study your bachelor degree in Germany for free at any public university - our complete guide on how to study abroad in Germany should help to get you started. :)

Hello! Our article "Where Can You Study Abroad in English?" may help you get some ideas, as well as our university rankings by subject - just need to choose the type of engineering you're interested in.