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Vaibhav B
1 year ago
Can you answer this question?

4 Answers

Hi! I'm interesting study abroad for undergraduate

Hi Sam, that's great! Do you need help with anything? :)

i am studying for electrical engineering from iraq, but i do not finish it yet ,and i want to study in the same in germany .
please help me to get a university in germany for free .
thanks for answering .

Education in Kazakhstan.

I amEnd my Diploma in Enginearing study from bangladesh
now i get bachelor degree from Germany university Free Cost
How I get it

Hi Nazmul, you can study your bachelor degree in Germany for free at any public university - our complete guide on how to study abroad in Germany should help to get you started. :)

Hello! Our article "Where Can You Study Abroad in English?" may help you get some ideas, as well as our university rankings by subject - just need to choose the type of engineering you're interested in.