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Rating Universities on Inclusiveness: QS Stars

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Updated March 5, 2016 Updated March 5, 2016

Universities assessed by the QS Stars university rating system can choose to be assessed as specialists in two of four advanced categories. These are: innovation, engagement with local communities and global issues (i.e. social resonsibility), involvement with arts and culture, and commitment to extending access to higher education by measuring inclusivity.

In order to assess universities’ level of engagement in improving inclusivity and access to higher education, the following four criteria are considered, adding up to give a combined score out of 50:

Scholarships and bursaries (20 points)

The first 20 points are based on universities’ commitment to providing scholarships and bursaries, with full points given to institutions which allocate 2% of turnover to scholarship funding or which can claim to have made attendance possible for at least 200 students through scholarships covering 50% of fees.

Disabled access (10 points)

Next, QS Stars considers how institutions are improving access to higher education and inclusivity for those with disabilities. These 10 points are awarded on a sliding scale, with full points awarded to universities at which 80% of the campus has wheelchair access, scaled down to 40% of the campus.

Gender balance (10 points)

Here, full points are awarded to universities with an equal balance of male and female students. Points are awarded on a sliding scale, down to a 40:60 ratio for either gender.

Low-income outreach (10 points)

Universities’ commitment to extending access to higher education and inclusivity for those from low-income backgrounds is assessed in one of two ways. Points may be awarded on a sliding scale from 15% to 5% of students identified as low-income. Alternatively, these points can be claimed by universities which invest 1% of turnover or US$2 million in campaigns targeted at low-income families.

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This article was originally published in August 2014 . It was last updated in March 2016

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