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Rating universities on entrepreneurship: QS Stars

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Craig OCallaghan

Updated Mar 21, 2024



QS Stars: Entrepreneurship

An entrepreneurial spirit is becoming increasingly important in today's fast-paced, innovation-led global job market. So, when you're choosing a university, consider how well it supports aspiring entrepreneurs. QS Stars uses the following criteria to measure the entrepreneurship of an institution: 

Student or alumni-created startups 

A strong track record of successful student or alumni-created businesses is a clear sign that a university is good at nurturing entrepreneurial talent. Full points are awarded to universities with at least 30 student or alumni-created startups in the past five years, or with the number of startups equivalent to 10% of the student body. 


Incubators at universities offer essential support like workspaces and guidance from experienced mentors, making the challenging initial phase of starting a business much smoother. They link up-and-coming entrepreneurs with a valuable network of investors and fellow innovators, providing opportunities for learning, collaboration, and funding.  

Full points are given to institutions that have the following: 

  1. At least 20 places for students  

  1. At least 40% female entrepreneurs 

  1. 50% of companies still operating after five years (including those purchased by another bigger company) 

  1. 70% of companies receiving seed (this includes funds both from university and from private entities/companies, but students’ personal funding investment is not accepted) 

Faculty members in operational companies 

Faculty members who are also involved in businesses bring valuable real-world experience into the classroom, making your studies more practical and relevant. Their connections give you the chance to network with professionals and find mentors who can guide you throughout your career journey.  

Full points are given if 25% of the institution’s academic faculty serve on boards of operational companies. 

Entrepreneurship clubs for students 

Entrepreneurship clubs offer you opportunities to develop your entrepreneurial skills outside the classroom, through activities such as workshops, speaker events, and competitions.  

Full points are awarded if the institution has at least three student clubs with a focus on entrepreneurship and business. 

If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, turn your dream into a reality at an institution that fosters your talent and spirit. 

Knowing where to look can be difficult, but QS Stars does the evaluating for you. Easily see where a university’s strengths are to find the programme that suits your priorities.