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All the Best Internships in Buenos Aires Right Now

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A thriving hub for internship opportunities, from film and photography, to sports management to law, Buenos Aires is one of the most popular destinations in Latin America for young people to study and work.

Although most internships are generally unpaid, their worth isn’t any less than a regular, everyday paid job. In fact, an internship can give you some of the best opportunities to gain that all important, first-hand experience needed to get your foot in the job door.

An internship allows you to develop your unique skill set, network and create professional relationships and make your CV stand out amongst the crowd. Interning abroad also offers a little extra pizzazz; you can learn a new language, immerse yourself in a new culture, and see the world all at the same time.

Most internships usually last at least four weeks, with a minimum age requirement depending on the internship. It’s also important to note that, although Spanish is the most dominant language in Buenos Aires, there are English-speaking internship opportunities available, leaving you to spruce up your Spanish speaking skills at your own pace.

If you’re liking the sound of boosting your career prospects whilst seeing the world, read on to find out about some of the best internships in Buenos Aires right now.

EBAI (Experiencia Buenos Aires Internacional)

This professional internship offered by the Government of the City of Buenos Aires is the ideal opportunity for those with a proactive nature and an aptitude for public policy with strong leadership skills. Although it’s unpaid, for two months, you’ll work within the Buenos Aires’ City Government and have the chance to see and understand its dynamics and how it works.

As part of the EBAI internship, you’ll also have an assigned tutor who will help you along the way and make your internship experience in Buenos Aires the best it can be. To find out more about the EBAI internship, visit the Study Buenos Aires website.

Film and Photography Internship

Turn your film and photography hobby into a career, and gain professional experience by joining a dynamic film and photography internship with Connect-123 in Buenos Aires, the cinema capital of Latin America.

Connect-123 have great connections with several local production companies and documentary filmmakers. You’ll get hands-on experience in assisting film production, getting involved with marketing and public relations for local or private companies, as well as taking part in a number of other tasks, including:

  • Editing,
  • Camera and film shooting assistance,
  • Creating and editing trailers,
  • Working on documentaries.

You can find out more information about Connect-123’s Film and Photography internship here.

Business Internship

Get your foot in the business door and immerse yourself in the Argentine way of life and business with the Global Nomadic Business Internship.

Working for an upmarket shopping website which specializes in fashion, accessories and home retail goods, you’ll expand your business talent and expertise as you assist various departments dealing with business development. This internship is the ideal opportunity for those studying business development, finance or engineering who want to gain practical experience in internet retailing.

You can find out more information about the Global Nomadic Business Internship here, including fees, what’s included, and extra support you can receive from the very beginning of your application, all the way to your journey back home again.

Education and Teaching Internship

Undertaking an education and teaching internship in Buenos Aires can be both an enriching and fun experience.

Connect-123 have strong relations with local schools and non-profit organizations, meaning their Education and Teaching Internship has a variety of opportunities that can be tailored to your own interests and background experience, such as:

  • Teaching English,
  • Providing after-school classes to children living in under-privileged neighborhoods,
  • Teaching a subject that you’ve specialized in to high school students,
  • Teaching adult literacy skills,
  • Improving education policies.

For more information about the Education and Teaching Internship in Buenos Aires by Connect-123, click here.

Medical and Health Care Internship

Connect-123’s Medical and Health Care Internship offers a wide variety of clinical opportunities, and is customized with you and your career goals in mind.

As a medical and health care intern, you could be placed in a hospital, public health facility or clinic, and may find yourself getting involved with tasks, such as:

  • Investigating x-rays, patient symptoms and biological processes,
  • Collaborating in public health campaigns,
  • Assisting and interacting with patients,
  • Supporting medical staff, including liaising with doctors and nurses,

Interns have also found themselves observing surgeries, helping patients with physical and occupational therapy, as well as conducting clinical and public health research.

Undertaking a medical and health care internship can be the vital stepping stone to your future career in the medical field. You can find out more information about Connect-123’s Medical and Health Care internship by visiting their website.

NGO Management Internship

Have a passion for helping others? Like the idea of working as part of a team to get a job done? Enjoy fundraising for a worthy cause? If so, you can get involved in every aspect of running an NGO with Global Nomadic’s Global Management Internship, based in Palermo, Buenos Aires.

In this robust and dynamic internship, you’ll have the chance to undertake a variety of roles and responsibilities including:

  • Helping with the development of projects in different areas of NGO,
  • Assisting with events and workshops,
  • Helping organize awareness, policy advocacy and education campaigns,
  • Help with fundraising, social media outreach, digital marketing and recruiting volunteers.

You’ll also have a weekly or monthly plan to monitor and evaluate your progress, with mentoring and coaching sessions in liaison with your organization.

Work in Buenos Aires

To find out more about living in the City of Buenos Aires, and how you can get discounts on airport transfers, a free SIM card and a free travel card, as well as special rates for your first few nights’ accommodation in the city, click here!

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