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Top Five In-Demand Engineering Jobs of the Future

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Laura Bridgestock

Updated Apr 15, 2021



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Following huge strides in technology, science and computing, engineering students and graduates worldwide can expect to remain in high demand over the next decades, and enjoy one of the lowest rates of unemployment of any of the major sectors. Here are the top five in-demand engineering jobs of today and tomorrow.

1. Software engineering jobs

With the rise of cloud technology and mobile computing, brands in increasing numbers are learning to operate digitally and developing new systems and apps. The software sector is a rapidly evolving space, likely to produce exciting career opportunities and high salaries for engineering graduates with mobile expertise and cyber-security skills.

2. Aerospace engineering jobs

With an estimated global demand for 27,000 new passenger planes and 40,000 commercial helicopters between 2013 and 2031, as well as rapid advancements in aerospace technology, the sector will continue to grow and generate high salary jobs for graduates with strong technical knowledge of aerospace systems and problem-solving innovative minds.

3. Civil engineering jobs

As populations continue to grow, so will our infrastructure needs. Critical areas in this sector will include the maintenance and construction of new roadways, the management of water supply, waste filtration and residential real estate development in urban spaces. One of the key benefits of civil engineering is that it is ‘recession-proof’. In a healthy economy, civil engineers build new infrastructures; in a recessed economy, civil engineers repair existing ones.

4. Environmental engineering jobs

Environmental pressures and socioeconomic trends will create a growing demand in the coming years for engineers to apply their knowledge of the natural sciences to develop new solutions in critical areas, including air and water pollution, recycling, waste management and green energy. With a high median salary, potential for growth and the opportunity to work with cutting edge technology to implement critical change, environmental engineering holds a promising future.

5. Biomedical engineering jobs

To meet the needs of ageing populations around the world and drive forward rapid innovations in medical technologies, including 3D printing and micro-electro­­­-mechanical systems (MEMS), there will be a surge in demand for biomedical engineers to enter the workforce and advance the field of medicine.

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