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Daily Higher Education News: 30 January 2013

Daily Higher Education News: 30 January 2013 main image

The guide to the latest higher education news from around the world, on 30 January 2013.

Australian government rules out raising tuition fees


Australia’s government has ruled out raising tuition fees for students in order to increase funding for the country’s universities, reports the Sydney Morning Herald. An increase in public funding was also ruled out, with the government stating that per-student funding has already gone up by 10% as a result of recent policies. The rejection of the latter has drawn criticism from Universities Australia, a body representing Australia’s universities.

Applications to UK universities improve, thanks to international students

Applications to UK universities are up by 2.8% as compared to this point last year, after several months in which they were considerably lower, reports the BBC. Figures are, however, lower than the equivalent for 2011. Growth is being driven by international applicants, with an increase of 10% in non-EU applicants. It was feared by many that higher tuition fees, introduced last year, would result in a continual downward trend, and new visa regulations would prove off putting for international students.

Unusual bursaries to study in the UK

The Telegraph, one the UK’s most popular newspapers, has compiled a list of 10 unusual bursaries you can get to study at the universities in the UK that we think is rather amusing. Some of the best include funding for talented golfers, for vegetarians and for students studying in Welsh. You can see the full list here.

European Union university ranking officially launched

U-Multirank, a new university ranking created by the European Union, is being officially launched today, according to a press release from the European Commission. The international ranking will rate universities on research, teaching, internationalization, connections with the non-academic world and contributions to the local region. It will compiled by the Centre for Higher Education in Germany and the Center for Higher Policy Studies in the Netherlands.

Indian university files criminal case against dead employees

Magadh University in India has filed a criminal case against two of its former employees in relation to the theft of confidential files from the university… the only issue is that both are dead! Some have called foul play, noting that the theft of the documents has only come to light a long time after the employees had left the university. Full story on The Times of India.

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