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Students Online:
Global Trends 2014

09:04AM Jan 9, 2017
Free to download or read online, the guide covers:
Prospective students’ online usage patterns
Attitudes towards different types of digital resource
Informational challenges and communication preferences
Patterns based on location, age and gender

How do prospective students use digital resources to research higher education? This report on global trends in students’ online usage draws on a survey of more than 2,200 prospective students worldwide.

“Almost 40% of respondents reported difficulty finding information about scholarships and funding, while almost 20% identified student visas as a problem area.”
Students Online: Global Trends, page 6

“Email remains the preferred method of communication, but response times need to be improved to keep pace with the new expectations and immediacy offered by social media.
Students Online: Global Trends, page 21

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