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Concordia University Scholarship

Scholarship for Concordia University
Concordia University
Value: Tuition fee...
Recipient(s): 1
Level: PhD
Deadline: TBA

Concordia University and QS are pleased to offer an exclusive scholarship to attendees of the QS World Grad School Tour.

Scholarship value: Exemption from paying tuition fees at the international rate for international students or free tuition for Canadian and or Quebec students

Number of scholarships available: 1

Eligibility criteria: 

To be eligible to apply for this scholarship, applicants must meet ALL of the following criteria (please follow instructions):

  1. Have attended a QS World Grad School Tour event
  2. Have applied and received an offer of admission letter from Concordia University for the Fall (September) 2020 term for a PhD program 


Deadline for application submission: TBA






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Hi. I am Dejene getachew from ethiopian, I have got a bachelor degree in chemistry in June 2014 and I am interested in my PhD degree in Canada, but I am unable to pay tuition fee.
please I need a scholarship master in biochemistry

Hi. I am Mina, I have got a Master degree in Environmental and Energy Engineering in June 2017 and I am interested in my PhD degree in Canada, but I am unable to pay tuition fee. please I need a scholarship in order to continue my PhD

Hello, please take a look at our list of scholarships to study in Canada.

Hi I'm seraphine,im Rwandan I finished secondary school in 2017
I want to continue my university abroad but I have insufficient fund
How can I get a scholarship?

Hello, I am hassaan. I am student of 2md grade. I want to study abroad. Can anyone guide me about foreign universities? I'm waiting. My instagram account is @hassaann__


hello, i am betelhem, i have got Bsc in nursing 2016,i want to go for masters degree in adult health nursing. but i have the capability to pay so can i get free scholarship?

hello, i am samar , i have got bachelor degree in Commerce - English Section 2017, want to go for Master degree in Business Administration Specific in Human Resources Management .
my family do not have the financial capability to enroll me , can i find a scholarship Exemption of tuition fees ?.

hello, i am Elizabeth, i have got Bsc in computer engineering 2016, want to go for masters in biomedical engineering in USA . am planing for this year
fall admission

Hi. I am Mina, I have got a Master degree in Environmental and Energy Engineering in June 2017 and I am interested in my PhD degree in Canada, but I am unable to pay tuition fee. please I need a scholarship in order to continue my PhD

Hello I am Taiwo please I will like to study my masters in Forensic science in schools USA or Canada with schorlaships. I will be very grateful to ear from you soon because am planning for early next year admission. Thank you

Hi, I am Betty Rachel. I am from India. I am doing my 12th standard, I would like to do my undergraduate stuides in Canada. I am not sure which univesity to choose from and how do I apply for the Scholarships.

Hi Betty Rachel, you can find the top universities in Canada for your subject in our latest subject rankings here, and we've listed a range of scholarships to study in Canada here - each scholarship link should provide full information on how to apply. You might also like to view our complete guide on how to study abroad in Canada. Hope this helps. :)

I am planning to study B Arch in london so any one can guide me how can i get scholarship to complete my education

Hi Faiz, please take a look at our list of scholarships to study in the world's best student cities (which includes options to study in London) and our list of architecture scholarships around the world. Good luck with your applications! 

I am planning to study medicine abroad. Im a Pakistani studied MBBS from china,

Hello I am Kareen Hortelano from the Philippines. I have a degree in Bachelor of Medical laboratory Science.I graduated as cum laude. It is my dream to be a doctor and so I hope you can help me seek a scholarship in Medicine since my family do not have the financial capability to enroll me in Med School.. Please. Thank you!

I have got Bachelor degree in Simultaneous translation of Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University in 2015. and I'd like continue develop my skills or find myself in sociology sciences because my thesis was the gender expressions in kyrgyz language, it was closely related to sociology. please can you advice me scholarships which will be available for the kyrgyz citizens. p.s gender issues in my country are urgent problem in nowadays. any suggestion will be very usefull for me and for the future of my country. thank you.

Mohamed F
I'V got a Master degree in pharmacology,2004 and I attended general
English course in The British Council Egypt,Agouza till the advanced level and I'd EILTS score 6 I'm ready to refrish it.I wish to achieve my PHD abroad in UK,US, Euto.or other.I wish to awarde a schoolarship via QS.I'm waiting to hear from you.

I'm Rayen from Algeria , I have an MA degree in English language and I'm looking for fully funded PhD scholarships , I really wish that you can help me . Thank you .

I've got a Master degree in law (diploma in publicj law 2015-2016 & diploma in private law 2016-2017) this year from Ain Sham University, and i would like to get the PhD from abroad specially Sorbon University in France.... is there any scholarship! Or advices.


Please I want to do MPhil in finance and economic on full scholarship basis, how can I get access to it? Because it is My career aspirations. Thank you.

Hi Ernest, our article 'Business and Entrepreneurship Scholarships Around the World' includes scholarships to study finance - each external link should provide full information on how to apply. Good luck! 

My name Dahunsi jelili omorilewa a Business Education Final year student from University of Lagos, Nigeria.
I'm interested in furthering my Education to Masters Level in Abroad but my parents are unable to sponsor me more than first degree level.
Please I need a scholarship in order to further my education.

Hi Dahunsi Jelili Omorilewa. It may be useful to look through our lists of scholarships grouped into categories. If you're able to attend our upcoming QS World Grad School Tour event in Lagos (3 September), you'll also be eligible to apply for funding through the QS Scholarships scheme - hope you can make it!

Hello am in love with writing poems and stories, Please i want university that I will make my dream comes true of becoming a great writer. Please help me to find 100% scholarship in your master programs in my related field.

Hi Richard, please take a look at our list of creative writing scholarships. :)

Hi.. Am Kayyy. I am looking for Masters in MIS, IT Audit & Security, Cyber - Security in the USA.. How can you help in getting on with scholarships. Thanks

Hello, please take a look at our list of scholarships to study in the US. I'd also advising having a look on the official website/s of the institution/s you're interested in for your masters course, to see if they have any funding opportunities available. Hope this is helpful. :) 

I am doing software engineering degree from pakistan and it will be completed this september.so i want to know how to apply for scholarship in uk and australia for both short courses and masters degree

Hi Shoaib, we've listed both scholarships to study in the UK and scholarships to study in Australia, and each external link to the scholarship should provide information on how to apply. You should email the scholarship provider if you're unsure about how to apply. Hope this helps. 

I've been accepted in Concordia University recently. How can I apply for this scholarship?

Hello This is Ahmad.. I am doing my Bachelor in biotechnology.. so this is my final semester.. will you please give me best Scholarship information in Master Degree in Germany.. Thank's..

SQA Testing

Hello, can you please answer my question? This is the third time I've sent a message and I have also sent two e-mails and I simply get no reply.

Was someone chosen to receive the scholarship for 2015?

Hi Natalia, apologies, I'm not sure why you would not have received a reply. You can find out the scholarship winners here. 

Hi there!
Currently I am in third year of my computer science faculty in Malaysia and seeking the scholarship in Canada for doing master. So could I know that do you have list of scholarship for master from Canada in your annual board? and how far the scholarship support can cover my master expenses? also what is QS event ?
thank you.

Hello, we have a list of scholarships available to study in Canada, which includes support for studying a masters. I'm afraid I can't tell you how much the scholarship support can cover your expenses as this will vary significantly, however we do have a Frequently Asked Questions on Scholarship Applications.

As for the QS events, QS offers two tours: The QS World University Tour for all those who want to start undergraduate studies and the QS World Grad School Tour for all students who are interested in postgraduate studies, the latter of which you may be interested in. The World Grad School Tour is a global series of events where admissions officers from the world’s top grad schools meet prospective students like yourself and explain processes, requirements and benefits. Here is some more information on the World Grad School Tour if you'd like to find out more and find the next event in your city. 

Hi! I wanna get a scholarship for undergraduated student of university in Spain. How can I get the information? Thanks a lot

Hello! Is there any main contact from the university - or you, if you're the one choosing the winner - that I could reach for information?

Hi Natalia. If you have any questions, please send an email to [email protected]

is there no space for undergraduate?

Hey, I'm afraid QS Scholarships are currently only offered at graduate level. There are plenty of alternative scholarship options however - find some of them here :)

Could you tell me what is the deadline for the winner announcement?

Hi Natalia, the winners will be announced sometime in June but the exact date will depend on the institution (Concordia). Thanks, Laura