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QS Social Responsibility Scholarship

Scholarship for Social Responsibility
Value: US$10,000
Recipient(s): 1
Level: Masters
Deadline: 30th April 2021 midnight GMT

QS is proud to announce the QS Social Responsibility Scholarship. This scholarship is designed to identify applicants who demonstrate a strong level of environmental awareness and a sense of social responsibility.

Scholarship value: US$ 10,000

Recipients: 1

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. You must attend a QS event (World Grad School Tour, World MBA Tour, Connect MBA, Connect Masters)
  2. You must start your first year of study in the next academic year
  3. You must study at a masters (non-MBA) level
  4. You must have accepted an offer from a school by the time we select a winner in May
  5. The scholarship must go towards your tuition fee

If you don`t meet the above eligibility criteria, QS has the right to exclude you from the selections process.


To apply for the scholarship, please elaborate on the below:

Essay/ Video topic: 

What positive changes you have made or are you going to make to improve the environment and/or your society, and how can you personally contribute or have you contributed to these causes?


Deadline: 30th of April 2021 (midnight GMT)


If you submit an essay application:

Word limit: Maximum 500 word 

Please indicate your full name, scholarship title and QS fair you have attended (example: QS World Grad School Tour- London- March 2021) at the beginning of your essay. These words will not count towards the word limit.

If you submit a video application:

  • The video could be of you or an animation or a montage. Creative videos are welcome.
  • The video can be filmed with any device
  • You will not be judged by the quality of the video but rather by the content
  • The video should be in English, no subtitles are required
  • 2 minutes long maximum
  • No larger than 2GB
  • MP4 format

Name the video as follows: Communityscholarship_your full name_date

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Hi,I wanted to know if there is any available scholarship for studying in Germany. Please, give information about it.

Hi Shahzod, we've listed a range of scholarships to study in Germany here. :)

Hi Supreeth, I'd recommend having a look on the official websites of IE Business School and HEC Paris to see if they offer any scholarships for your course. 

Hello, I am applying to the UK for masters. Can any one tell me about any fully funded scholarships that aren't passed thier deadline. Thanks

Hi Alma, please take a look at our list of scholarships to study in the UK. :)

i am doing electrical engineering 3rd semester from BUETK Pakistan. will some body tell about fully founded scolarship in any country plz?

Hi Muhammad, please have a look at our list of scholarships for engineering students. Our main page of scholarships to study abroad includes many other scholarship listings for various countries and regions. Good luck!

Hola hola, how are you? I am interested on applying for an scholarship but I did receive an e-mail with the applicant survey... Could you help me in order to submit my application,

Thank you!

Hi Yulieth, if you've attended a QS World Grad School Tour fair you can fill in the applicant survey here. :)

Dear Sabrina, thank you so much for your reply. I could appy, but I did not received any confirmation. How can I know my status or if everything was ok. Chaao

Hi Yulieth, I'm sure everything's fine, but you can drop an email s[email protected] to find out the status of your application. Hope this helps.

I filled out all the required form , but while trying to attach the essay I could not do it . I tried to fill it again but it seems that the system does not allow to fill it with the same data . how should I proceed?

Hi Lua, please could you send an email to [email protected] explaining what has happened and attaching your essay. :)

can you any one suggest me essay format and how to dispatch essay.how can i create an essay?

Hi Rizwan, please take a look at our article on how to write a winning scholarship essay. 

Hi. Can anyone suggest me to get a scholarship in Norway?

Hi Nimet, please take a look at our list of scholarships to study in Europe's Nordic countries, which includes scholarships for Norway.

I wonder that is it possible to apply for "QS leadership scholarship" and "Academic Excellence" at the same time? I've attended QS World Grad Schools this year and already got admitted by ESSEC Advanced Master program for 2016 intake. So I would like to know which scholarship am I eligible to apply?

Many thanks!

Hi. I am new here. Suggest me to get a scholarship in Australia, US or Canada in Forensic Psychology.

Hi. I am new here. Suggest me to get a scholarship in Australia, US or Canada in Forensic Psychology.

I'm only in my third year of a four-year honours program, and am looking at Grad Schools early to make sure I have time to see all my options. Am I still eligible to apply for scholarships this year, or do I have to wait until next year when I'm applying to grad schools?


Has the winner of this scholarship been chosen/announced yet?

Hello, where can I find the dates and places where the QS World Grad School Tour fairs will be held?
Many Thanks

Hi Juliana. You can find all the QS World Grad School Tour locations and dates here. We'll look forward to seeing you at an event soon!

Dear Laura,

Today is the last day of June - will the results be posted today?

Thank you,


Hi Vera, I've just recieved word that the winner's name will be published next week on the site, I'm so sorry for the delay. Laura

They haven't updated this page yet ( https://www.topuniversities.com/student-info/scholarship-winners ) but I guess if we haven't been contacted yet we may not have been selected (ಥ_ʖಥ)
I wonder what the winner's essay looked like though


I've uploaded an essay as part of my application which was successful , but I didn't get any information on the outcome of it. I am afraid you haven't received it and so I may not participate in the competition for the scholarship.
Could you please inform me on it? I didn't receive any reply to my letter to the QS team.



Hi Alex, I apologize that your letter recieved no reply. At this time of the year however QS is inundated with scholarship queries and at present there are not enough team members to deal with all the requests and questions. Email confirmation was also not set up for all applicants, which is why you may not have received any word from QS on your application's status. The winners will be announced at the end of the month and will be contacted directly, but you may also check on this website for the names of the winners. If you still have a query after this time, please email [email protected]



Will the winners of the scholarships only be posted here or will every applicant receive e-mails with the results (either positive or negative)?
Thank you.

Hi Natalia, the winners of the scholarship will be contacted directly, but if you haven't heard anything by the end of June, you should presume your application was unsuccessful. Fingers crossed! L

When are the winners announced for this scholarship?

Hi Magdalena, the winners will be announced in June, although the exact day isn't yet available. Laura

I have applied for the Leadership Scholarship, however, I have not received any confirmation upon my application.
I have already written to [email protected], though have not received an answer yet.

Thank you,


Will be checking by in June to see who won and what amazing things they must have done to receive the award. Good luck everybody

Hello jaaved can you help me i want to do study in America can you guide me

I registered to a fair in São Paulo, Brazil that was to happen in February, but apparently the fair was too crowded so not everyone could get in. I was informed by a group in the way and got back home, and later got an email stating it.
In this email, they said they would provide another fair soon.
So now we have six days to apply to the scholarships and there was no other fairs scheduled and the next one will only happen in September.
All of us that applied and couldn't get in just lost the opportunity?

Hi Natalia, I apologize for your experience at the event, my colleague tells me that due to the long waiting time, the venue's staff began sending candidates home despite the event still being open. Because of this, all applicants who registered for this fair will be considered for the 2015 scholarship despite not having confirmed attendance. You can use the link above to apply or click here. Good luck! Laura

Thank you for your help, Laura! Can you tell me what's the planned date for the scholarship winners announcement?

No problem! I'm afraid the announcement day is dependent on the school but winners will be revealed in June sometime. Laura :)

Great scholarship. I would like to ask, can individuals who have received an accepted to a part-time graduate program apply for this? I'm applying to an online part-time, professional program at Johns Hopkins and require all the financial assistance possible, as the entire program is about $42k. Any insight you could provide would be great.

Thank you!

Hi there, I'm afraid full-time students are only eligible for QS scholarships. For external opportunities, check out our FAQ and our full scholarship range. Laura

I am registered to attend your tour when it comes to Nigeria in may. Although I have a few questions.
1. Can I still take the survey and submit my essay for the April scholarship or I would have to wait for the next one?

Hi, I'm afraid that applicants who attend events after the scholarship deadline are only eligible to apply for next year's scholarship round.  Those who attend an event after the cut off date may still apply for next year's scholarship, even if they have already enrolled at an institution.


Hello! I was wondering whether the scholarship can be used only to cover the tuition fees of the postgraduate studies or if it is possible to use the award for living costs as well. Thank you!

Hi there, I'm afraid the scholarship amount is only to cover tuition fees and goes straight to the university to cover these fees. Some scholarships do offer payment for both living and tuition but these are less common. For external scholarship opportunities see our FAQ or full range of articles here.



I have been to a graduate school tour and have completed the online survey as well. However, I cannot apply for the scholarship. The page does not show up because of some technical reason. Could you please tell me what should I do?

Good day!

Hi Muhammad. Thanks for letting us know, and apologies for the difficulty. I can't find where the error is occurring - could you try again and let me know if there is still a problem? If there is, please let me know the URL of the page which isn't showing, so we can check it out.


Dear Laura!
This is the URL that wasn't showing up.
I tried couple of times and finally it was loaded. I have submitted my application.

Thank you!

Hi Muhammed. That's great - I'm glad it's working again, and thanks for letting us know. Sorry about the glitch!