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QS Undergraduate Scholarship

Scholarship for QS Undergraduate Scholarship
QS Undergraduate Scholarship
Value: Up to US$10,000
Recipient(s): 1
Level: Bachelors
Deadline: 30th April 2020 12am GMT

QS is proud to announce the QS Undergraduate scholarship.

Scholarship value: US$ 10,000

Recipients: 1

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. You must start your first year of study in the next academic year
  2. You must study at a bachelor/ undergraduate level
  3. You must be admitted to study at a university featured in a QS ranking at any position. Please check here: QS World University Rankings®QS World University Rankings by SubjectQS World University Rankings by FacultyQS Top 50 Under 50, or QS University Rankings by Region
  4. You must have accepted an offer from a school by the time we select a winner in May
  5. The scholarship must go towards your tuition fee 

To apply for the scholarship, please write an essay on the below:

Essay topic:  Choose a person who has had a significant impact on your life so far. This could be someone you know personally, or a famous person from the past or present. Explain how and why this person has inspired you, and how s/he has influenced your academic and professional goals.

Word limit: Maximum 500 words


Deadline: 30th April 2020 (midnight GMT)


Please indicate your full name and the scholarship title at the beginning of your essay. These words will not count towards the word limit.

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Can you apply if you are currently enrolled in 4- year university in the USA?

Why when I'm sinning my application my gmail address is not accept here and i can't move for the next step ... ?

I don't have my father. I and my family are poor scholarship is my hope to change my life and make my dream come to pass

I don't have my father,I and my family are poor scholarship is my hope to change my life and make my dream come to pass. I love u all

I intend to start a Double Diploma by 2022, Can I apply for this scholarship? When is the best period to apply?

I am currently studying in 12th grade and finish it at the end of march 2020.
So, can i apply for this scholarship?

Thank u I will read very well

Hello! I want to know if the scholarship has been sent to the winner. Thank you !

Hola, buenas:
Soy estudiantes de la UNAM,Facultad de Ciencias. Me gustaría participar para la beca, ya hice lo demas pero no sube al siguiente paso. Ya he estado en el QS Mejores estudiantes de la zona Metropolitana y QS Rankia Internacional de Estudiantes el año pasado, ¿con esto soy candidato para la beca o necesito otras cosas mas?

Am I supposed to get a notification post submission?

Hi Ahmed, no we don't send confirmation emails. Best of luck with your application!

I have submitted my application. Why the figure of recipients doesn't go up?

I want to apply for this scholarship. How to apply, please tell me someone?

Hello, I have some questions about the scholarship. First, when will the scholarship winners be announced (I know it says May, but is there another, more precise, date available)?
Second, will all contestants receive an update email with the results (even if it's not positive), or will the winners be the only ones to receive an email?

Hi Julian, I can't tell you a specific date for when winners will be decided unfortunately, as it will depend on the time needed to read through applications and make a decision, but we hope to announce a winner for this scholarship within the next two weeks. You will receive an email informing you whether or not your application's been successful. Good luck!

Also, will you receive an email as to if the application has been received?

Hi Celine, you will not receive a confirmation email, but you could check with our scholarships team at [email protected] if you're unsure if your application was received. 

When will the 2019 winner be announced?

Hi Celine, I can't tell you a specific date but we do hope to announce the winner in the next two weeks from today (2nd May). Good luck!

I have a scholarship because i dont have a father thats why I want this kindly give me that?

in addition I want to have scholarship in order to learn more detail in specific subject. However if it has any fee I can not because I am very poor.

what ,if I have not father and mother , can help is offered to me?

What if the fees of my university are really low, could I use that scholarship for covering my residence coasts?

Hi Christian, I'm afraid this scholarship can only be used for tuition fees.

Oh, I take back my question. Sorry I was just being stupid.

I have submitted my application. Why the figure of recipients doesn't go up?

Hello, I got a question, If I begin my studies in the winter semester, which will be technically September of this year, I'm still able to apply for the scholarship??

Hi Christian, yes, that's absolutely fine! You can enroll at any point in the 2019/2020 academic year. 

And what if my University has low fees, could i use that scholarship to finance my living coasts, for examples in the case of germany?

Where do I write my essay? Can it be done in Microsoft Word? How can I contact you for more information? Thanks in advance

Hi Carlo, yes, you can use Microsoft Word and then upload your essay in the application portal.

I am studying Stomatology and I am in my second year .I would like a scholarship in order for me to continue with my studies.Are there any scholarships available

Good Afternoon,
I just got accepted into the Johns Hopkins Pre-college summer program, and I was wondering if I received this scholarship, could the money go towards my summer tuition? The University is on the QS World University Rankings list, but since I am not attending it for a full semester, just for the summer, would I still be eligible for the scholarship?

if I would like to apply for a QS Scholarships, but not yet in undergraduate or bacheors level, are there any scholarships that I can apply for?

Hello am Hothan Abshir from Kenya want to apply for this scholarship but I don't know how to

Hi Hothan, the text above explains how to apply - you just need to submit a 500-word application essay about a person who has inspired you. Good luck! :)

Hello, please am Desmond from Ghana. I just completed high school and not currently enrolled in any university because of financial constraint but willing to go. How can I go about it because most scholarships require you been enrolled in a university.

Hello i'm Isaac L. Quelemine form Liberia, just how can i be successful for your undergraduate problem.

Hello there :) I was wondering if we have to already be accepted for a university to enter this QS scholarship programme?
Thank you

Hi Maleesha, that's right, you must have a place at any QS-ranked university to be eligible for this scholarship. Best of luck with your application!

Thank you :)

Hello am Julienee from Nigeria, I jus finished my masters in Arts and design but trying to study medicine as a freshman in a any university in America or any other country other than Uk for experience purpose.. please how do I go about this, as I already have a bachelors and masters, thank you..

hi julina nice to meet u.. plz share me scholership update

i was just wondering does this scholarship only apply to international students

Hello, no - you can be a domestic student studying in your home country and still be eligible for this scholarship.

Hello, I go to CUHK-Shenzhen, which is a branch of the Chinese University of Hong Kong in mainland China. Am I eligible to apply for this scholarship seeing as while CUHK-Shenzhen is not ranked, I am technically an external student at CUHK under the university's regulations?

Hi Geoffrey, you are able to apply for this scholarship as the branch campus will be counted as Chinese University of Hong Kong, however you do need to be commencing the first year of an undergraduate degree in 2019 and not be currently studying it.

Hi, I have accepted an offer from the University of Sheffield and will start studying in September 2018. Am I still eligible for this scholarship?

hi have any scholarship update?

Hello, am Johnson(22) from Tanzania.
I have completed diploma of computer science & mathematics.
Am looking for fully funded scholarship of bachelor degree of computer science or information technology or information systems...
How can i apply?