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QS Undergraduate Scholarship

QS Undergraduate Scholarship
Value: Up to US$10,000
Recipient(s): 1
Level: Bachelors
Deadline: 30th April 2018

New for 2016/17, the QS Undergraduate Scholarship will award up to US$10,000 towards tuition fees, and is open to all talented students applying to start an undergraduate degree at a QS-ranked university.

Scholarship value: Up to US$10,000

Recipients: 1

Eligibility criteria: To be eligible for the scholarship, you must be accepted to study at a university featured in a QS ranking. This applies to all universities featured at any position in the QS World University Rankings®, QS World University Rankings by Subject, QS World University Rankings by Faculty, QS Top 50 Under 50, or QS University Rankings by Region. The scholarship will be awarded only to a student enrolling in the first year of an undergraduate (bachelor’s) degree at a QS-ranked university.

Application process: First, complete the QS Applicant Survey. Then follow the link at the end of the survey to submit your application essay.

Essay topic: Choose a person who has had a significant impact on your life so far. This could be someone you know personally, or a famous person from the past or present. Explain how and why this person has inspired you, and how s/he has influenced your academic and professional goals.

You may wish to write about:

-          A family member or friend

-          An inspiring teacher or another professional

-          A famous scientist, artist or other celebrated personality

You should consider:

-          What makes this person inspiring?

-          How has s/he changed your attitude, behavior and/or ambitions?

-          How does this relate to your future academic and career plans?

Make sure your essay:

-          Sticks to the word limit (no more than 500 words)

-          Includes a short outline of your study plans and future ambitions

-          Follows a clear structure, with accurate spelling and grammar

Word limit: Maximum 500 words

Please indicate your full name, scholarship title at the beginning of your essay. These words will not count towards the essay limit.

Deadline: 30th April 2018

Shortlisted candidates will be contacted by the QS Scholarships Team within a two week period following the application deadline. At this stage, you will be asked to provide proof that you have been accepted to study an undergraduate degree at a university featured in a QS ranking.

QS will transfer the scholarship funding to the university on behalf of the winner. The award can only be used to cover tuition fees.

If you’re applying to study a master’s or PhD, explore QS’s current range of postgraduate scholarships.

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I am planning to pursue my UG degree after my school-leaving exams complete in March 2018. So should I apply this year or next year?

Hi i am tunisian and i wish to complet my studies in singapore airlines scholarship but i dont find any way to apply on it and i dont know if it is closed or not (deadline date)

Hello, I am currently about to start my Engineering IFP course in University of Bath. I graduated with a regular US high school diploma from Al Mawakeb School in Dubai, UAE. Am I eligible for the scholarship? If so, when is the best time to apply? Your response would be immensely helpful and appreciated!

Hi Dina, this scholarship is only for bachelor's degrees - however, if you progress to a bachelor's degree after your IFP course you'll become eligible for this scholarship. :)

Hello am in my 2nd year can i also be part? thank you

Hi Muhumuza, I'm afraid not, as this scholarship is only available to a student enrolling in their first year of an undergraduate program. 

Hello, is it possible to know when the winner will be announced and how ? Thank you in advance!

as deadline for undergraduate scholarship has been pass so i want to know about the announcement for the winner of that scholarship.

Hi Sabrina
i want to know about the winner of undergraduate scholarship 2017 as QS have advertise enteries for 2018 undergraduate scholarship ?

Hi Ehsan, we'll be publishing an article to announce the winner of the QS Undergraduate Scholarship soon, so please watch this space. :)

Thanks Sabrina

Hi Ehsan, we're in the process of shortlisting entries at the moment, and I believe the winner will be chosen at the end of this month. 

Can I only be eligible to win if I have attended a QS fair? And what should I put in my application I have not attended one.

Hi Bethany, you don't need to have attended a QS fair to apply for this scholarship - you simply need to have been accepted to study at a QS-ranked university. :) 

Hello! When I was completing the applicant survey, my email was considered as NON existent. It's impossibile as I work with it. I really don't know what to do and the deadline is nearer and nearer. Please help me.

Hi Sabrina. One more question I have. can you divide the total amount over 4 years? I mean can the recipient asks you to give 3000$ for each year and 1000$ for the last year?

Hi Sabrina, Thanks for answering the questions.Right now I'm accepted to a university but I will defer my enrolment to next year. Do you defer the award to another year if I receive it this year?

Hi Erfan, unfortunately the scholarship can't be deferred for a year if you win.

Hi Erfan, I'm afraid not - if you win, the scholarship will be awarded as a one-off bank transfer to your university and can only be used for tuition fees. You're unable to spread the scholarship amount over several years. 

Hi, I've got a conditional offer from Ryerson university in Canada and I'm very interested in this scholarship. I'm wondering if international students are also eligible for this scholarship! Plus, actually I'm not 100% sure if I will accept the offer from Ryerson yet. Is it fine to submit the application even in this case? It will be certain whether I'll go to the university or not after this month.

Hi Siyoung, this scholarship is open to everyone. You can wait to decide whether to accept Ryerson University but you must be admitted to a QS-ranked university by the time the winner is chosen and enrolling at the university in September 2017. 

Is this scholarship available to those already admitted to US Universities for undergrad?

Hi Gursimran,

Yes, assuming you're starting your first year of undergrad in 2017.

where should i click to start writing an ssay

Hi Jaya, please submit your essay to us after completing our applicant survey. Best of luck!

Hi Sabrina! do you publish the essay on your website or not? what if it contains private information?

Hi Erfan, we won't publish the winning essay on the website, but we will likely publish an article announcing the winner. 

Hello dear , I am hazem from Jordan , my son should finish the secondary school at 2018.and he love to study dentistry.can help him to get on scholarship. He is really love that .

Can I change the university later?

Hi Erfan, you can change your university later but the replacement university will still need to be a QS-ranked university. Hope this helps. 

Thanks for the answer

Hi, do we have to have decided which university we are going to? I have a few acceptances, all from QS ranked universities, I'm just not sure which one I will pick.

Hello dear administrators of this community, i've got a question about essay , i have already completed QS Applicant Survey, but i couldn't find where i can tag my essay? what shall i do now?

Hello, there should be a link at the end of the applicant survey where you can submit your essay. If you can't see it please email [email protected] who will be able to help you further. 

I also have the same issue. After completing the Applicant Survey, there is follow link to come back to the same page, but not any place to upload the essay. Could you please let me know as well how it was uploaded? Thanks a lot.

Dear Sbrina Collier
I already complited my essay and sent it
What is the next step? Just waiting?

Hi Abdullo, yes, if you're shortlisted you'll be contacted within two weeks of the application deadline. Good luck! name is sami ullah....i m student of veterinary medicine from pakistan....mam i want to get scholorship in veterinary sciences in foreign country....but i dnt know about it how to geta scholorship....plz help me in this regard...

Hi Sami, please take a look at our list of veterinary scholarships around the world - each external link should provide full details on how to apply. You could also take a look at our guide on how to find scholarships to study abroad. Hope this helps!

Hi,to who do i send my essay?

Hi Francis, you'll need to attach your essay by following the link at the end of the QS Applicant Survey. Good luck!

Hi,i am Japheson from Cameroon, a holder of a diploma in nursing plus registered nurse. I love caring for others and love to bring an impact of change in my community. I am looking for a full scholarship in BSN in order to make this nursing care real,regardless of the country where the scholarship is being offered

Hi Japheson, as well as applying for our undergraduate scholarship, you might like to view our list of nursing scholarships around the world. Best of luck with your applications! 

Hi, my name is subhan and I am British living in the U.K. I have currently applied to these universities: UCL, Queen Mary's university, university of Kent and university of Hertfordshire. I have currently got offers from all but UCL for courses starting in September 2017. Can I apply for this scholarship.

Hello, my name is Assat, I am fom Kazakhstan. Now I am graduate of #76 high shoool in the capital of Kazakhstan, want to learn about oportunities to enter in university on a gratuitous basis if it is possible. Also, I want to know about requirements and which documents I should provide to enter.

Hi my name is Jesus from mexico. Im currently accpeted in HULT business school and Im looking for options to fund my studies there. Can I apply this scholarship to HULT tuition?

Hi Jesus, I'm afraid you're not eligible for this scholarship as HULT Business School does not appear in any of our rankings - sorry about that! You might be able to find an alternative scholarship here, or by browsing HULT Business School's website.

Hi! Is Lyceum of the Philippines University belongs to the featured university?

Hi am Naphtali from kenya and i recently did my kenya certificate of secondary education.Iam waiting to be enrolled in the public universities available.Iam interested in aeronautical engineering and architecture.Is there any scholarship availabe that would enable me pursue my dreams