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QS WM - Wharton Interactive

Scholarship for QS WM - Wharton Interactive
Value: 100% of the course...
Recipient(s): 10
Level: Any
Deadline: 20th November 2020

QS World Merit Scholarships is happy to announce a generous offer by Wharton Interactive.

Join Wharton Interactive for the Saturn Parable, and learn advanced techniques to become a more successful leader while on a fun and challenging fictional mission to Saturn. Drawing on the latest research, as well as work by top game designers and award-winning authors, the Saturn Parable gives you the chance to test yourself against other teams in a competitive challenge.

Scholarship value: 100% of the fee ($350)

Recipients: 10

Requirements: This program is open to all students aged 16-24 yrs. Full English fluency is required; the program is presented in English and includes collaborative work.

Essay topic:
Who is someone in your community or the world who you think represents a good leader? What specifically makes them a good leader, and what can we learn from them?

20th November 2020

The Saturn Parable experience:

Working with a team of global peers, you will take a trip to Saturn and navigate the obstacles of interstellar travel while also working to achieve the complex goals of the mission. Taking place in 2087 students assume the role of a member of the Enceladus Expedition, the first commercial space mission to Saturn’s moon Enceladus, whose south pole provides the only reliable source of liquid water beyond Earth. Each player will have to navigate real-world challenges in this fictional setting, receiving continuous, adaptive performance feedback via the gaming interface. The experience is entirely online, but players will interact with their teammates in real-time in the game, and with Professor Mollick during the live online lectures.

 Players completing the experience will earn a Wharton Interactive Certificate

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