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BI Norwegian Business School QS Scholarship: 2018 Winner

BI Norwegian Business School QS Scholarship: 2018 Winner main image

We’re delighted to announce that the winner of this year’s BI Norwegian Business School Scholarship is Italian student Tiziana Fadda.

Tiziana will receive a full tuition waiver to study an MSc in Finance at BI Norwegian Business School.

The scholarship, typically awarded to two winners every year, is offered in partnership between the school and QS. To be eligible, applicants need to have gained admission to study an MSc degree at BI Norwegian Business School, completed the QS Applicant Survey, and attended a QS World Grad School Fair in which BI Norwegian Business School participated.

Tiziana says she was motivated to study a master’s degree as she wants to acquire an in-depth knowledge of finance, having chosen it as her major when studying her bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business at Libera Università Internazionale degli Studi Sociali Guido Carli (LUISS).  

The scholarship will enable her to study in Norway without needing to worry about tuition fees. This isn’t her first time studying abroad – she’s previously gone to Texas in the US for the fourth year of high school, and also also studied in the Netherlands in the second year of her bachelor’s degree.

Tiziana says: “I found both these experiences very important for becoming who I am today” and that she wanted to study abroad to feed her curiosity: “I love getting to know different places and people with different cultural backgrounds.

“Moreover, also from an academic point of view, I believe that in Norway I’ll have more opportunities to learn surrounded by a highly innovative environment. Moreover, ever since I visited in 2006, I have been fascinated by this country and its kind people.”

Tiziana first got information on BI Norwegian Business School through her first university, LUISS, which are partner universities, and gained more insight online and through the QS World Grad School Tour. She chose BI as the school boasts highly innovative facilities, a high quality of education and a prestigious reputation.

Tiziana hopes to graduate with all the competences and skills necessary to succeed in the graduate job market, and aims to immediately find a job in the finance sector. Thinking about her plans for the future, she says: “Right now, I think I’d love to work in the brokering field of finance, but my decision is not final yet, since I still have two years to learn and discover new aspects of the subject.”

Advice for other applicants

When we asked what advice she’d give for other applicants looking to find a scholarship, Tiziana said: “I would suggest that they always try to achieve what they desire, so to apply for all the scholarships they are suitable for. Moreover, I believe that the capability of adapting to change and being open-minded are two essential attributes needed to succeed.”

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