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QS EDHEC Business School Scholarship: 2020 Winner

By Craig O

Updated December 22, 2020 Updated December 22, 2020

We're pleased to announce that one of the winners of the 2020 QS EDHEC Business School Scholarship is Christian Haupt.

The scholarship, offered in partnership with EDHEC Business School for two postgraduate students every year, is worth 50 percent of tuition fees. Applicants must have been successfully admitted into EDHEC Business School for their MiM and MSc programs only. They must also have registered and attended the QS World Grad School Tour. Scholarship applicants must be able to demonstrate strong levels of academic excellence. 

We caught up with Christian to find out how the scholarship has made a difference to his study plans.

What are you studying, and why did you choose to apply to EDHEC? 

I am currently studying an MSc in Finance at EDHEC Business School. I chose this university because of its great reputation worldwide, and also because of the great diversity it has. This will provide me with great job opportunities in the future, as well as the opportunity to learn from people with very different backgrounds. Finally, the programme proposed by EDHEC is very interesting, offering the opportunity to do an internship at the end of my studies.

What do you hope to gain from your degree? How will it affect your career plans?

I hope to gain two things mainly. The first and most important thing is to learn from a new culture like the French. Coming from Colombia, everything is very different here. Having the opportunity to meet people from different countries seems very interesting to me and will help me develop my ability to work with different people.

The second is to deepen my knowledge of finance. At EDHEC, I have the opportunity to learn from the best teachers, who have a great deal of experience and expertise in the different subjects they deal with. This will help me a lot to develop my career in the future.

How did you find the scholarship application process?

I found the application process very interesting as one could demonstrate one's motivation to study abroad. You are given the same opportunity as the other participants, so you must clearly demonstrate your project and how the scholarship will make a difference in this.

I looked at various options for financial assistance in my country, with local companies and with the French embassy. Unfortunately none of these worked out, so QS' vote of confidence was crucial for my study project.

What difference has this scholarship made to you?

To be honest, this scholarship was the determining factor in coming to study in this very different year. At first, I was not sure if I should start my studies with the current situation in the world because of COVID, but when I received the scholarship I felt support from QS which motivated me to not prolong my dream. The financial support was fundamental since this crisis affected everyone, but apart from the financial support it was the support of a great organization and its vote of confidence in me.

What advice do you have for other prospective students who are applying for scholarships?

My advice to students is very simple, and that is don't be afraid to apply. I know many people who don't apply for these scholarships because they feel beforehand that they won't get a chance. Well, my advice is that in the process of applying, you should be able to demonstrate your motivation in getting your studies, and how this will improve your career in the future. If you really want something, work hard and go for it.

This article was originally published in December 2020 .

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